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    I am thinking from moving over from Sole Trader to Ltd company. So far all I have had to pay me accountant for is my annual tax return. My business only has a small turnover (less than £10,000) at the moment but I plan to grow this once I have moved onto a more formal footing. When I ask my accountant about the sorts of accountant bills I might expect all I get is "it depends". I understand that this is correct depending on what I ask them to do. Can anyone give me some sort of idea of what I should expect to pay as a minimum for my (or any other) accountant to do what they need to do for minimum compliance. As far as I can see this will be the preperation of the year end financial statements and the company tax return. Is there anything else which I should have my accountant do for me? I am not currently VAT registered and don't plan to be. My accounts are done in Line50 Financial controller. I wouldn't anticiapte the need for any fancy tax planning all I am looking for is the bare minimum to comply with company / tax laws. If anyone can help me out with the sorts of numbers which are reasonable then I would be grateful.

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    There was a similar thread to this a bit ago - you night want to search.

    As for me, my prices are fixed and on my site.
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    Looking at Elaine's rates... and considering this also includes software to handle accounts, I expect as yours would be this is abotu as good as you will get I expect.

    Just wondering Elaine... you do also provide compliance services for clients that might use other packages such as Sage?
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    DavidT - I can do that as well, yes.
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