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    Hi can anyone advise,
    We normally start work at our yard at 8am, we now have a 1 month job 60 miles away, we will now leave the yard at 7am and travel to the works site, leave the work site at 16.30 and get back to the yard at 18.30, i have said i will pay from 8 till 18.30 so not paying the first hour but paying the 2 hours back from site at overtime rate is this OK or do i need to pay from leaving the yard to returning to the yard ?? please help
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    Their normal place of work is your yard at 8am.

    You are expecting them to not only give up their own time to get to the yard earlier, but not pay them for that time?

    You should be factoring in this non productive time when pricing jobs. If you haven’t, more fool you.
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    Every moment from arrival at your yard is working time and should be paid for. If you pay more than minimum wage, and the total amount paid per minute still exceeds NMW, you are not breaking any laws. You are, however, creating a great deal of annoyance among your workforce.
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    To keep your workforce happy yes you should be paying them as soon as they step foot at the yard because that is consider 'work time'. As highlighted above it is unfair if you expect the staff to take money out of there own back pockets for this. Alex
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    In my opinion workers are normally paid to work in yard and working hours are from 8am until 16.30pm. If workers are now required to work from 7am until 18.30 then it would be fair if they are paid for all extra time spend on job including travel time
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    I feel like you should be paying for the full amount of time that your workers are being utilized for your purposes. Not only does this seem fair, but even if you're not concerned about that practice, I think you should factor in how it is going to come across to your employees. If you do not pay them for the time which they are there, you're essentially telling them that you don't think their time is worth the pay. I would suspect that you will not only have unhappy employees, but will also have some employees who are going to give less than 100% because of it. I would certainly reconsider how you are going to handle this matter in order to keep your workforce working happily and efficiently for you.
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