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    I have a website where I provide translation services of documents, which are only sent electronically, no physical transfer of goods takes place. Customers upload documents, I get them translated, and I send them the translated documents, and they pay by bank transfer.

    Customers can request for an online quote. I can detect the country that they are in from their IP address when they fill out the quote request form.

    Since I am VAT registered I know I would need to add 20% VAT for UK customers whether they are individuals or businesses.

    However what I am unsure about is whether I should include VAT for:
    * Individuals in other EU countries
    * Individuals outside the EU
    * Businesses in other EU countries
    * Businesses outside the EU

    also would these answers differ for the Channel Islands? (the reason is that if I can sell to individuals in the Channel Islands without charging VAT then obviously that would be a reason to target those areas)

    I would like to properly understand the rules so that I can have a fixed procedure for sending the correct quote and invoice to each type of customer. I found the guidance on HMRC's website quite confusing.

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