Tory-backing businesses force Brown to bottle it?

Discussion in 'Press Releases' started by DanMartin, Oct 18, 2007.

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    It may not just have been Labour’s negative rating in key marginal seats which forced Gordon Brown to back down on calling an election. New research by UK Business Forums reveals the majority of entrepreneurs would have voted Conservative if the prime minister had announced a snap poll.

    The survey on, the UK's most popular online forums for entrepreneurs, found 43% would have voted for the Tories in an autumn election in contrast to the 29% of small business owners who said Labour was set for their support.

    The third most popular choice was ‘would not vote’ – selected by 11% of entrepreneurs – meaning that, if the UK Business Forums poll represented the result of a real election, David Cameron’s party would have still emerged the top political party even if Brown had won over the apathetic voters.

    Dan Martin, chairman of UK Business Forums, said: “Our research shows that it is not just increasing Tory support in key marginal constituencies that Gordon Brown needs to worry about. He also still has much to do to win around the majority of the UK’s entrepreneurs.

    “The government has promised to tackle the regulatory burdens associated with operating a successful business and recent meetings between business secretary John Hutton and entrepreneurs show ministers are moving in the right direction.

    “But the proof will be in the pudding. If, by the time of the next general election, business red tape has been significantly reduced, Labour may well have increased support from small businesses. If not, many entrepreneurs are likely to look elsewhere for help with growing their companies.”

    In other findings from the survey, 10% of entrepreneurs said they would vote for the Liberal Democrats while 7% opted for ‘other parties’.
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    Much as I like this forum, this is a ridiculous and missleading post.
    Posted: Oct 18, 2007 By: UKSBD Member since: Dec 30, 2005
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    Personally, although Dan used his own words to draw conclusions, I'd say they are consistent with the message thread on the subject. I did point out, however, that the government now denies me the right to vote, so my vote should be subtracted. One of the parties should be courting Brits living overseas in order to win more votes. The only question is, what was my vote and which party should be doing the courting? ;)
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    It's not the fact Dan has used his own words to draw up conclusions that
    is ridiculous, it is the fact he has written it as a press release which he
    obviously hopes will get picked up and seen as something meaningfull.

    But just how meaningfull is a poll where the 43% is only 38 people voting?

    Reading that press release without knowing the figures involved would
    be interesting reading, knowing how few people voted and knowing the
    thread detioriated into racial mud slinging makes it meaningless.
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    That is called "marketing" and has been done very well on this occasion.

    In fact, VERY, well done :)

    The vast majority simply do not understand this
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    Reminds me of the Burger King survey where 98% people prefered the taste of burger king to any other brand, the survey was done in one of their outlets...

    As it happens, I don't mind admitting to being one of the 43%. From whats been said locally, I would suggest that figure is about right.
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    Yes, but once the people who fall for it realise how they are being used
    the negative feedback can outway the good.
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  8. Scott-Copywriter

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    A Poll is another form of research, I see no harm in research being used and shared. An Entrepreneur would be pretty daft not to capitalise on a promotional opportunity if they are going to share research.

    Business is Business.
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    Well I was going to vote for Cameron after watching him deliver a great manifesto at the Tory conference. Now I think I've changed my mind after he verbally attacked Mr Brown in PQT. I started to see a Tory Tony Blair and it put me right off him.

    Therefore I don't think i'll vote, as there's nobody left to vote for now?

    Jayne :rolleyes:
    Posted: Oct 19, 2007 By: Jayne Member since: Aug 6, 2005
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    The press release was obviously written in a way to attract attention.
    Imagine if a big media company picked it up and ran with it (probably the
    intention) What would that media company think when they find out the
    figures involved?
    I know I will take every press release from here with a pinch of salt now.
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    A 38 person poll is surely a representative sample :eek:

    I dont see the problem at all - it is simply very good marketing
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    Agree - Really don't see the problem. What else do you think Sift starts polls for???
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