TomTom’s HD Traffic saves drivers up to 30% commute time according to German Aerospac

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    According to independent research conducted by the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), solutions with TomTom's real-time traffic information save drivers the most time and money. According to the study, products powered by TomTom's HD Traffic reduce average drive times by 13% and up to 30% in congested areas. HD Traffic is TomTom's real-time traffic technology and is used in products ranging from portable navigation devices (PNDs), smartphones, automobile infotainment systems, and government traffic management centres. In addition to reduced commute times, the study showed that TomTom outperforms the competition at minimising fuel costs and reducing impact on the environment.

    The DLR study included extensive drive tests in and around the city of Berlin, Germany. The study is based on a typical commute lasting 30 to 40 minutes each way. Compared to the other navigation products in the study, TomTom's HD Traffic performed best overall- for a typical commuter this 13% savings can add up to 50 minutes of travel time per week or about 40 hours per year.

    "Smart routing technology combines accurate historic and real-time traffic information to significantly reduce drive times," says Karsten Lemmer, Director of DLR's Institute of Transportation Systems. "In addition it may also help to reduce travel times for all drivers by spreading the traffic load to other routes. On top of that, fewer stops caused by traffic congestion lead to less fuel consumption and ultimately less CO2 emissions."

    "The research conducted by DLR validates our claim that HD Traffic saves users precious time in a busy world and helps to offset the rising cost of fuel," says Harold Goddijn, CEO of TomTom. "Furthermore, the study also supports TomTom's analysis that efficient traffic planning and routing can lead to better usage of available road capacity, benefitting all drivers."

    Visit TomTom at Intertraffic booth #203 in hall 9 to learn more about TomTom's traffic products.

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    That's all good and well, but with all these speed bumps which make you slow down to less than the 30MPG on so many roads, what's the point?

    We can use the roads to their capacity because we are being forced by to, which is increasing travel time & fuel used, which increases tax revenue.

    The government is still trying to make driving the most expensive thin people can do other than having a crack cocaine addiction!
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    *Should say can't use roads to their full capacity because we are being forced to slow down.
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    I understand what you are saying but with the majority of speed humps now being squares in the road they can be avoided with the width of most commercial vehicles, also on top of that even though we do our best to stick to speed limits its how we drive within those limits that makes the huge difference to fleets.

    Imagine you have 2 drivers who drive at the same speeds but accelerate, brake and corner very differently, one harder in the above named areas to the other.

    The results the vehicle that is driven harder (acceleration, braking, cornering will no doubt over time be the vehicle that will need more maintenance, have higher fuel costs and more expenses incurred.

    Using TomTom's active driver feedback and ecoplus as part of Webfleet will enable not just the fleet manager / controller to be able to to see how the van/car/hgv is being driven but also the driver receives instant driver feedback and thus helping him/her change there driving style whilst on the move. Thus reducing wear and tear on the vehicle and lowering running costs in fuel maintenance, insurance and more.

    The point then is simple, enable drivers to adapt and change there driving style, promoting driver safety and reduce your running costs of your fleet.
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    Totally agree with this :D i have gone back to motorbikes myself as cheaper to run. However if you do run a fleet of vehicles you need to maintain those ever increasing costs and TomTom has a perfect solution. If you take a look at some other press releases i have posted you will see fuel saving, insurance reductions and more.
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    Please quote UKBF when calling or emailing
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    Hi, can briefly explain a little about how TomTom HD traffic works? TomTom have mapped the whole road network across Europe and North America - when I say mapped that is the average speed of traffic flow at anyone time, this takes into account traffic hot spots at roundabout's, busy road junctions, roads with speed bumps, schools routes etc...

    TomTom HD Traffic uses a revolutionary new source of traffic information: the traffic flow of up to 80 million anonymous mobile phone users on the road, over 1 million connected TomTom devices. From this anonymous data, TomTom knows exactly where, in which direction and at what speed all these mobile phone users are traveling throughout the road network. This real-time data is combined with other existing quality traffic information sources, resulting in the most complete and reliable traffic information.

    If you're on route where there's an incident or slow moving traffic your TomTom using LIVE speed information and historical date will look for a quicker and more efficient alternative route - this may be down a road with speed bumps if it's avoiding traffic congestion but would otherwise normally avoid.

    Follow the link to view a short movie TomTom HD Traffic explained

    TomTom HD traffic will certainly help boost productivity saving any business traveling time and reduce your fuel bill

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    its all just too expensive though. maps are a joke and they never perfect anyway
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    Handymanstu, with any system there is a cost, however TomTom Business Solutions (not general consumer sat navs) the rapid r.o.i TomTom gives is exceptional,with partnerships constantly being developed and working closely with main insurers not only do you get the control of your mobile workforce, but also help with lowering your fleet insurance premiums, couple this with fuel saving, lowering mainataince costs, communication costs and more then you start to see the systems pay for themselves very quickly and at less than £1 a day TomTom is not as expensive as you may think.

    Businesses all over the world are making savings through careful time management and implementation of our systems companies such as Zenith Hygene Group have been making massive saving to there fuel bills.

    TomTom delivers the world's most up-to-date digital maps. Covering over 200 countries and territories, our maps encompass more than 35 million kilometres globally. Our maps propose a solution for every market in every corner of the world to enable users to have the best experience.

    Because roads are always changing, your map needs to stay up to date in order for you to enjoy the fastest and most accurate navigation.

    TomTom's unique Map Share™ community of over 16 million users is the clever way to give your map a daily boost between map updates. It lets you make simple corrections to your map on your device. And you can even receive simple map corrections from 16 million Map Share community members via TomTom HOME - completely free.
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    husband commented the other day that the tomtom unit in his van had warned him about congestion ahead, he just ignored it thinking "can't be right, it's never busy there!". he was stuck in traffic for 20 mins a few moments later, doh! :D
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    My mrs thought the same until she was stuck on a motorway for 2hrs after ignoring the live traffic.
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    I work for a data destruction and secure shredding company. Our vehicles cost a lot money as they carry some expensive capital equipment. We also often have to track them because of the sensitive nature of their loads. Solutions like the ones offered by Fleetwise are key to our operations.
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    As a data destruction and shredding company, our vehicles represent valuable capital equipment which needs to be shredding hard drives at a customer site and not stuck in traffic. We use systems similar to those provided by G Force Communications to maximise our efficiency. They are an important factor in reducing costs in the secure disposal industry.
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