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    So my Wordpress Site is built but I have another tricky issue to decide upon. I am reading my way through articles on SEO (between naps) and, as you might suspect, there's more than one view on links but the main two seem to be:

    A) Links of any type lead people away from your site and for this reason they should be kept to a minimum.

    B) Links to things like suppliers are very good because Googles mission " deliver relevant information ..." means that if you post a link on your page to further information, Google will reward you and your site may move further up the Google rankings.

    Thus on our site we have a page 'Zinc Roofing' our main supplier is VMZinc. On the VMZinc site they will tell you all about the materials, colours, grades, styles etc. Is it then sensible for us to put a link somewhere on our page to VMZinc so that the googlebots can go wild and chase down information and will this help us?

    Our facebook page gets a few views a few likes and shares every so often but (only people looking for a zinc roof are likely to be on there so likes and shares are minimal - from what I have read Google can monitor this and if you have few likes and shares on your facebook they assume your site is of minimal interest and will thus send you further down the ranking?

    Grateful for views and opinions if there are any.
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  2. fisicx

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    The link to your supplier will benefit your supplier not you.

    Shares and likes will not make any difference to your ranking.

    Internal linking, citations, referrals, testimonials and reviews will help your ranking. These are the links Google likes.
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    If the information is going to be useful to your site visitors then by all means link to it, you're not going to get any bonus points from Google but it's not going to do you any harm either.

    What you describe though is an example of a site that other sites will link to. Your long term aim should be such a site rather than looking for some easy short-cuts that are not going to work.

    Be careful of going down the SEO rabbit hole and concentrate your efforts on improving your own site. Small incremental improvements over a long time period can pay off big time. Looking for quick wins is usually a fruitless exercise and can be devastating if you get it wrong.
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    Google is pertaining on your internal linking within your website. The more content of the main site the better for internal linking.
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    Google does like to see links going from your website to other reputable websites (and it likes it when these links aren't broken). The question is really what is the optimum number of external links from your website? Does anyone have a view?
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    To update this thread. I originally created a page called 'Technical Information' and put some useful information on there about the metals, their uses etc. and ran internal links (as suggested here) to the home page, other pages and directly to projects on other pages. What we then found was that our main page disappeared in google search and only the technical information page was showing. I then took all the information and links and put it on the home page of our site and the main page began to show up in Google searches again almost instantly. So the answer as to whether or not internal links make a difference is clarified I feel :)

    Now, whether or not external links would make a difference the jury is still out, but as I said above, I did read once that the problem with external links is that you are actively steering people away from your pages, the question I guess is if it gives you a marked difference in Google searches to make it worth it?
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  7. fisicx

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    You set the external links to open in a new tab. That way they can look at the reference material but stay on your site.
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    But what would be the point if it doesn't give you sufficient gain in google rankings? Why would you want them to read other pages where they might become engrossed in other links or read something that entices them to search other companies or topics? So surely the question is still does it give you a marked difference in Google searches to make it worth it?
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  9. fisicx

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    Linking externally won’t help your ranking but it does suggest to google that your site is authoritative (because you link to reference material).

    Stop focusing on what Google wants and start thinking about your visitors. If the link is useful and adds value add it to the site. If you can explain it better yourself, add a new page to the site.
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    In the old days people used to network.

    I don't mean the social networking stuff that it's called nowadays but people used to have a "help out" attitude.

    If someone had a site similar to you, but not a direct rival, you could get in touch with them, put a bit of info on your site about them and they would do the same for you.

    You would pass enquiries to them, they would do the same for you, you would recommend them, they would recommend you.

    Then Google put something in the guidelines about reciprocal linking, PR manipulation, etc.

    Lots of stuff got posted around about reciprocal linking being toxic, penguin was used to put the fear in God in to people about links, people no longer linked to each other and the networking was lost.

    If people want to obsess about Google and never link out to anyone because they think they are going to get banned by Google then so be it, but don't be surprised if no one will ever link back to you either.
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    I think this is probably correct. No one outside Google can give you an authoritative answer and this sort of thing can change. Given the use of ML it may well be that even Google cannot give you an authoritative answer.

    Linking to spam or selling links can get you penalised, so it would make sense if good links give you some benefit. They will no harm you anyway.

    Agreed. Google is trying to rank sites that visitors find useful (except maybe where they have a commercial reason not to) so in the long run doing what visitors like will help.

    One distortion is that the quality rating done to generate data to train their ML is done by young, fairly low paid, and I think mostly American people which might distort some quality signals.
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