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    Hi guys,

    From a fellow street trader (who is pretty new to the game); i received an email from salford city council stating the following (copied below). Guys what do we think of this?
    I've paid £800+ for a yearly licence to STREET Trade yet i cannot pitch on the pavement... :/
    This is pretty contradictory and i just wondered what everyone else would be doing about this?

    Love to here some thoughts on this!

    Lucy :)

    'We have received complaints from Salford City Council’s Highways Services regarding street traders trading on footways/pavements. Please note under our current Street Trading Policy Section C, 1.4, it states that “Consent holders are not permitted to park any vehicle, trailer or catering unit on any part of the adopted footway”. This means no part of the footway (often referred to as pavement) are allowed to be used by street traders for trading. This is part of the street trading conditions under which you are given consent to trade. The only exception to this rule is where permission has been obtained directly from Highways Services to trade on a particular section of the footway/pavement. If separate permission has not been obtained to trade on the footway/pavement then the fact that you have a street trading consent does NOT permit you to trade on the footway/pavement.

    The policy can be found on the councils web site.

    Please note that where we receive complaints of you trading on footways/pavements and you have not obtained separate permission from Highways services to do so then this can result in you receiving a warning and following any repeated offences we are likely to suspend or revoke your street trading consent.

    Please note that we will be actively monitoring the streets within the boundary of Salford City Council from next month to enforce this requirement. If you are currently trading on a footway/pavement you must cease this practice and find a suitable alternative location which does not breach Salford’s Street Trading Policy.'
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    I think that’s a fairly standard policy in most council areas, ours has a similar policy.

    It is possible to trade on the pavement but does require permission from Highways first, although from what I’ve seen in our nearby cities, they tend to be limited to a handful of spots in pedestrianised areas.

    In our (largely rural) council area at least most of the businesses trading with street licenses are side of the road ‘burger van’ type affairs.

    We are street traders of sorts in that we sell food on the street but only at food festivals, food markets etc and don’t have to worry about street trading licenses etc as this is taken care of by the event organisers.
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    They do not want vans, burger trailers and merchandise popping up all over the pavement and blocking the area for pedestrians.
    Most councils in my experience have certain areas they will allow trade. Often open spaces where no disturbance to the public can happen.
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    You’re allowed to trade on the kerb of the road, but not on the pavement.Unless you have specific consent from the Council.

    This is standard practice for most councils.

    The pavement is strictly for pedestrians and generally, must not be obstructed.

    A pedestrianised area is a different matter.
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    Highways department will also have designated fire and emergency access routes through pedestrianised areas so councils will be pretty picky where they allocate trading pitches
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