Timescale for self assessment.

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    I realise this is in the ‘how long is a piece of string’ catagory but..

    I just retired at the end of February so I filled in my return for 2019/20 at the end of March and submitted it. More or less just to get everything over and done with and paid up to date.

    I also paid the total amount due for the year (less the payment on account for next year obviously)

    On checking my latest statement online it said I’m £x in credit but still due the balancing payment in July for 2018/19. They have taken the payment off the balancing payment and given me a credit but are still saying I’m due the full balancing payment

    I realise it’ll all get sorted eventually and I’m not stressing over it but does anybody have an idea of timescale when I’ll just get a final bill to pay.

    Or will I need to contact them to get it sorted?

    Just realised this might be the wrong place to post this.
    Mods please move it if you want.
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    Normal timescales may not apply - civil service has staff off for Covid19 as well as people pulled from sections to deal with tax credits claims.
    So expect things to take longer currently than normal.
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