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    I will start by apologising for being away from the forums for a while. By the time you have finished reading this you may understand why (saying we have been busy is an understatement) :shock:

    We are extremely proud that the expansion of The Help Centre is now nearly complete and our portfolio of NEW Help Centre Sites and Support Lines will become live from 6th March 2006

    Over the last 3 months following the overwhelming success of The Small Business Help Centre we have been negotiating deals with business owners from many different regions and industries to massively grow The Help Centre brand and offerings and to open some of our services to consumers as well as business owners

    The New Help Centre Websites and Support Lines to Go Live are:

    The Broadband Help Centre
    The Hosting Help Centre
    The Legal Help Centre
    The Marketing Help Centre
    The Property Help Centre
    The Motoring Help Centre
    The Website Help Centre
    The Domain Name Help Centre
    The Finance Help Centre
    The Travel Help Centre
    (there are still others in production but it is too early to list them)

    Each Help Centre includes help guides, support lines, directories of suppliers, products and service reviews, industry news and much more being added daily

    The main focuses of each of our Help Centre sites are our Product Procurement Services and Personal Approach Philosopy

    You need a product or service in ANY INDUSTRY we will locate it, negotiate a price and if required, order it and pay for it for you. We then send you one monthly invoice to cover everything. We then follow this up with monthly visits from your account manager to see just how we can Help you in ways you did not even know you needed it or to help save you money!!

    Here at The Help Centre we can provide impartial help, advice and support to our users and inexpensive advertising oportunities

    Our philosophy has now become a simple one

    "no products of our own, no services of our own, no sales people - just simple, impartial advice and support"

    This means that any business owner becoming involved as a contributor, recommended supplier, strategic partner, advertiser or in any other capacity you can be assured that we are dedicated to marketing your products - not ours!!

    In addition to the fantastic support we can now offer to our users we are also offering a 7 DAY ONLY OFFER for advertising packages to UKBF Members - i will include these offers in the relevant forum section

    If anyone has any feedback or would like to become involved with The Help Centre, Small Business Help Centre or any of the new projects please feel free to email or pm me

    The more business owners who get involved by becoming, Recommended Suppliers, Strategic Partners or Advertisers the better service we can provide and the more business you can generate

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and i look forward to becoming more involved with the forum again - i have to say i have missed it

    I am personally starting to arrange appointments to meet and greet all suppliers, strategic partners, advertisers and contributors so i look forward meeting any UKBF who are already involved or became involved in the early days of The Small Business Help Centre


    Speak to everyone soon

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