The end?

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    Has anyone noticed the huge numbers of cake makers (for example) who have sprung up in the last couple of years. Usually 1 person business, heavily reliant on cashflow, dependent on people gathering at celebration events. I doubt many will survive.
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    For the benefit of some of us less knowledgeable people would somebody who has a business as a Ltd Company and has a lease for a retail unit be personally liable for the rent to to the landord if the business fails or could they walk away from the commitment if their business can no longer carry on?
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    Depends if you’ve signed a PG
    Posted: Mar 15, 2020 By: Mark T Jones Member since: Nov 4, 2015
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    Corporate debt is very high (c.250% of GDP) in historical terms; albeit there has been tepid deleveraging since 2008 as it is now c. 225%. Personally I think the real elephant in the room is household debt which has been marching higher and higher and in the UK we're in the top 10 globally @ >84% of GDP. Only countries with more insane housing bubbles than ours top that (Oz, Sweden etc.). If households are tapped out due to debt they won't drive our consumer spend driven economy...cue cycle of aggregate demand dropping and further encouragement for households to deleverage. And as you say Western governments are as tapped out as if we've just fought a world war.

    In terms of corporate debt, there are some very interesting examples of where there is good debt and bad debt though (most in my opinion don't understand the difference). I have been compiling a list of companies for a while which I think have used debt incredibly intelligently in a cycle of low inflation and low interest. There are a number of companies and managements that I really like that have borrowed money at coupons as low as 1,5% over 10, 20+ years and generally invested that into hard assets that can be used to generate inflation busting income in the future. If we have a return to an inflationary environment bond holders of the likes of Vodaphone will have loaned at an average 2% or so return into inflation at quite possibly 4, 5, 6+%. I mean that is free money as the company increases price to capture inflation and their income statements shoot up as they bank the difference at the bond holders expense. A lot of these companies are unloved and in this sell-off are becoming very attractive. Very good divi yields and manipulating debt which will end up having being loaned at negative rates adjusted for inflation.
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    It has been a while since we set this up, how can we back track to find out? Would it be in the lease if it was and would it be in legal jargon?
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    PG means personal guarantee. It may be part of the lease but it should be a separate document/appendix. It would have to have been signed.
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    We are looking to increase marketing and watching competitors carefully for signs of weakness or distress with a view to expansion or takeover.
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    You REALLY ought to know if you have signed a personal guarantee.

    Questions like this, on a business forum, never cease to amaze me!
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    I could list quite a few other businesses in there. Dog walking/grooming, pop up (anything), gin bars, Turkish barber shops (a.k.a tax credit fiddles) etc. A recession would be pretty devastating on those type of outfits.
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    Dear @myofficeinchina.

    Thanks for your replies to my post, in particular your remark about me putting some money in a SIPP.

    Given that it was part of my answer to the OP's post, your particular response to this was unwelcome and childish. It is a business forum is it not?

    Your answers border on the hysterical. It is important that the government give out advice and tells the population what they are doing. Hence it was and is important to talk about containment. Itself a phase, rather than an 'end state'. It never failed because it was never supposed to work in the short term.

    Indeed it is widely argued that it helped slow down the initial rate of infection in the UK because our tracing capabilities were extremely good. This is one of the reasons we are not (yet) in the situation that Italy is, and may yet have brought the country some time. this is critical in allowing us to build some more medical infrastructure.

    In terms of test numbers - no amount of testing will ever be enough. We can agree on that at least. But to continually make your own assessment as to whether we have tested enough, is hysteria. The key is that the bad cases are dealt with and hopefully the patients survive.

    I reiterate my point about letting things pan out before making inane commentary. You may have lived with it in a city, I was responsible for a large swathe of the SW during Foot and Mouth. I have seen how these things spread and how a country such as the UK deals with such things. We don't have the same labour resource as china. We don't have intrusive surveillance like china. But what we do have are a bunch of exceptional medical and scientific people and a much more transparent system; together with a population that is, by and large, being nudged towards making sensible, rational and mature decisions about isolation.

    I do agree with you that the UK gov is not perfect. I saw this during my time in the above. But then neither is China, Italy, Span, Germany and the rest of the world.

    So I say to you focus on business rather than your opinion on how the UK is doing, versus a totalitarian state. focus on your strong points, which is advice to business.
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    I am not embarrassed about asking the question, at the time we were buying the business i was taking Uni Exams and my brother died from cancer - some people (maybe not you) just can't remember everything - i think it was a simple question to ask - should not have to give excuses to people i don't know.
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    Yes, but if it delays the move to UC and minimum income floors, they'll just reduce their hours and increase their tax credit top-ups
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    Yes it should be in your paperwork.
    Common, but not always asked for, in limited companies taking on a lease for a site.
    If you signed one then you are personally liable for the rent until the next break clause, the end of the lease, or someone else being given a new lease for the property.
    Can be tens of thousands of pounds in personal debt.
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    Pretty badly!
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    For those not caring, if the large companies fail, they would bring down many other companies at the same time, Just imagine how many small companies supply parts and services to say British Airways
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    Well the week is nearly over for me.

    Business 1 has celebrated its best week ever.

    Business 2, most likely to be effected and have to close for virus, has had a very standard week.

    I'm making plans if we'll be forced to close business 2 for whatever time the government declare (if they ever do). There is plenty I can do practically with the time and plenty I.can do practically to survive.

    Trying to be positve
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    All sorts of other benefits that business brings to our economy too
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    I'm well funded (a whole heap of dosh sitting in my business account), I've no staff, I have issued no credit lines (other than to Amazon) I can hunker down for quite some considerable length of time - my main worry is banks failing...that'll take my legs out.

    Remember how the news slowly filtered out ..."don't panic buy" and before you can say "I'm off for a Number 2" there's no toilet rolls on the shelves.

    Just wait until they say..."don't take any money out your bank".
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    It’s quite fashionable among the hipsters.

    Although most of the haterz work for a big business in my experience.
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    What you fail to mention is that the bloke at the top of the tree, the actual HEALTH SECRETARY, is a total liar!
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