The Cargo packing table range designed by AJ Products

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    The Cargo packing table range was designed by AJ Products in collaboration with five students from the Industrial Department of Material Sciences at Chalmers University of Technology. In line with the growing e-commerce industry, AJ Products saw a need for a flexible product that could facilitate the handling and packaging of goods. The result was Cargo, a series of worktables and packing tables that allows for a more efficient packing process and improves ergonomics for all users.

    The students from Chalmers visited different companies of varying sizes and industries to study how warehouse work could be streamlined. They analysed workplaces layouts, working heights, and time to complete tasks, to form the basis for their product development.

    Smart features for flexible work
    The Cargo range can easily be customised for different users and tasks. The goal of improving the working environment for all warehouse workers was a main focus for the entire project and was carried out in collaboration with AJ Produkter's designer Cecilia Stööp.

    “All of the features of the Cargo range are there for a reason. For example, when we visited warehouses, we noticed that many workers packed the goods on top of a pile of bags that took up a large part of their workspace. Therefore, a storage solution was developed that frees up the table surface, allowing for better utilisation of the packing area,” explains Lisa.

    The students from Chalmers also studied a number of social aspects under the Cargo project.

    "Warehouse work is generally quite lonely and monotonous. We wondered how we could make it a more social experience, so we positioned the tables so that they were facing each other. As a result, workers could have eye contact with their colleagues, which in turn improved mood," said Lisa.

    The Cargo packing tables and work tables can be supplemented with a variety of accessories that allow the user to customise the table according to their needs - all for a more efficient, ergonomic working day.
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