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Discussion in 'Feedback & Help' started by Ian J, May 2, 2017.

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    I don't often read the blogs section but must have been more bored than normal this morning as I popped in there to see if there was anything worth reading and found that with just one or two exceptions the blogs were a load of self serving banal drivel.

    There seem to be two main bloggers who blog regularly ( too regularly) and the first posts a couple of paragraphs then links to her own site where you have to go to read the rest and the second blogger posts so many inaccuracies that it could be dangerous to follow her advice.

    One of the gems that I came across is a blog about bankruptcy saying that one of the disadvantages about being bankrupt is that you could struggle to obtain credit whilst you are bankrupt and another disadvantage is that "you won't get any jobs whilst bankrupt"

    Another blog by the same person is entitled "What to do if You Can’t Pay Your Self Assessment Tax Bill" and contains 548 words of irrelevancy with just one relevant sentence that suggests that you contact HMRC and discuss it with them.

    I feel sorry for the one or two people that do post the occasional blog of interest as with so much self promoting rubbish in that section I doubt whether many people will make the effort to search out anything of genuine interest
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    Thanks for the feedback Ian - I completely agree with you. It's an area of the site that we'll be trying to improve when we look at the Full Membership proposition this year.
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    Although reluctant to add to an old thread, and definitely not doing so for self-promo... on the little I've thus far seen, Ian has a constructively worthwhile point, which I'm surprised didn't get more response.

    Good/bad blogs are an asset/detriment to all, and a useful way to raise points in a format other than forum questions/answers.

    Good content helps build relationships, and poor stuff (particularly if in 'recent entries') likely leads to not revisiting.

    Years ago, I used to add stuff to Ecademy, and (so the owner told me), within a week or two I was apparently 4th in popularity and 15th in page views (those numbers are approximate, and may be reversed... all I remember is single-digit for one and double-digit for t'other).

    I mention this not to boast, but to note the potential value.
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