Tesco to trial Movie Booth DVD rental kiosk

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    In the coming weeks shoppers of the UK and Ireland will be able to benefit from the deployment of robotically operated DVD vending kiosks, and one machine being launched as a trial in a Tesco Ireland store could see a huge growth in the concept in 2008. The kiosks, which offer users touch-screen access to a range of new release movies, will also be launched in Centra and Applegreen stores with an expected deployment across both the UK and Ireland should the trials prove successful.

    The Movie Booth is a newly created brand which supplies DVD rental kiosks to retail stores throughout the UK and Ireland enabling users to rent movies on a pay-as-you-go basis from a fully automated machine, offering a modern alternative to the traditional high street DVD rental store.

    The concept is the brainchild of award winning young entrepreneur Carlos Marco Rider, who noticed the gap in the DVD rental market and looked to develop a solution that could offer a convenient and cost-effective way for people to rent their favourite new release movies from their local shop.

    Mr Rider commented, “The DVD rental market has faced big changes in recent years, and I felt that high street DVD rental services didn’t offer value to their customers. By eliminating space and staffing costs, our kiosks can offer some of the most competitive DVD rental prices in the UK and Ireland. To many people renting a DVD from a machine can be intimidating but these kiosks are designed to be completely user-friendly”.

    He added, “Customers use a touch-screen system to select and rent their movies, and it takes three steps to rent a movie from the machine. These new kiosks have been designed with the end-user in mind and have several features which make renting a DVD a simple process. The partnerships we are developing with retailers should ensure we achieve substantial coverage across the UK and Ireland by the end of 2008”.

    In an ever changing market, retail outlets could soon feature automated DVD kiosks as a way to benefit from the fall from grace of the traditional DVD rental store. Successful trials with Tesco, Centra and Applegreen would lead to national deployment of DVD kiosks in a parallel to the success they have achieved in the United States. DVD machines have experienced a massive growth in the USA with over 9000 kiosks being installed in the last two years with ease-of-use, convenience and cost being provided as the main reasons for the kiosks success. Kiosks are currently deployed in Wal-Mart’s, Wal-Greens and McDonalds to name but a few in the US. Further details on this concept can be found at www.themoviebooth.com or by calling 08701436769.

    - Initial trials of the kiosk will take place in Tesco, Centra and Applegreen stores.
    - The kiosks provide touch-screen access to new release movies with the price of all rentals being £2 for every 24 hours.
    - Carlos Marco Rider has pitched to the Dragons Den panel (declining a Richard Farleigh offer), is a two-time finalist for the Shell-Livewire Young Entrepreneur of the Year twice and also won the South West Angel and Investment Network (SWAIN) Young Entrepreneur award in 2007.
    - A direct interview with Carlos Marco Rider can be arranged upon request.
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    Personally, i think the future is downloads, espically for the rental sector.
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    Well done for getting your product into Tesco's for its first trial.

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    top news... sounds exciting.
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    we have somthing like this where i live.

    It is just like a cash machine.
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    Well done, Can I ask does it hold the DVD's inside the machine or does it burn them to a disk?

    Posted: May 15, 2008 By: sm1 Member since: Oct 19, 2007
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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the replies.

    We've been snowed under here with our various launches, but I'm pleased to say everything has gone to plan so far and our initial feedback has been excellent.

    In respone to Stefan - the kiosk holds DVDs inside - 621 to be exact. This is one of our benefits, as it holds a lot of DVDs in a very small space. Glen - downloads are on the up but they are still not in the mainstream, and won't be for a long while yet.
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    Great stuff and that's very clever holding that many!
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    didnt mean to rain on your parade, but look at downloads, espically the rentals.
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    Fantastic idea and well done on getting into Tescos.

    Totally agree about the downloads, they are not mainstream for the moment and "physical rental" if I can call it that is still popular.

    Best of luck with it all.

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    I brought one of these kiosks and ended up giving it away, 3 years on I am still paying off the £25K debt it left me!!!
    People who brought these kiosks are so desperate to get rid of them they even put them on eBay!! Take a look for yourself
    UPDATE 03/06/11 THE MOVIE BOOTH HAS GONE BUST, all investors have lost their cash, Carlos Marco Rider two companies both gone under, will he win another young entrepreneur of the year award??
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