Teen Entrepreneur looking for mentor

Discussion in 'Yorkshire & Humberside' started by TheOfficial, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. TheOfficial

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    ^^ This I can do, sadly just don't have the contacts or don't know where to find the target market

    ^^ Hope all goes well for this one! Let me know :)

    ^^ I agree with other posters, some times working with friends goes very sour.
    Kind tip "Never mix business with pleasure"

    IF you want to talk about stuff, ask questions and stuff let me know - Us young en's have to stick together :)
    Posted: Feb 18, 2013 By: TheOfficial Member since: Jul 24, 2012
  2. karam badra

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    Dear Bin

    i have good idea and we can be good partner in it

    it is booking online engine for hotels all over the world look like youtravel dot com
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  3. hubzap

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    Hi all, I realise this thread is old now but hopefully it's still checked.

    It's important for you to have passion for 2 reasons:
    1. It attracts customers and builds business
    2. It fuels the drive required to perservere against tough times and the competition

    Attracts Customers
    Think about when you buy something--would you rather buy from someone who is dispassionate and doesn't care to serve you or from someone who is excited and grateful for your custom?

    Drive and Perservere
    Let's say you started a window cleaning business. For all intents and purposes, there's not high barriers for entry in that business--so if you start making money, anyone can and will become your competitor. Now suddenly it's no longer just about wiping up windows--you have to come up with an advantage:
    1. Is your service better than anyone else? Faster/slicker/better quality? Are you willing to research into your techniques to make them as efficient as possible?
    2. Maybe you find an advantage in the cleaning agents used--are you willing to take the time to test to be sure you have the absolute best cleaning product on the market?
    3. Is your pricing structure competitive against your rivals? There may be times when you might have to price out competitors by reducing your price, sometimes below cost--are you willing to take losses to gain marketshare?
    4. How is your customer service skills capability: Are you willing to go above and beyond for the customer, every time, to keep up with your customer base and build new ones via referrals?

    If you don't have passion around the business, most people will have quickly given up and closed down halfway through the list--the ones who are driven will perservere and succeed.

    Yeah I doubt anyone is born saying that they want to be a window cleaner or an accountant, etc. But the most successful ones find passion in perfecting a process, or exploring and developing the best cleaning agents, or for accounting it's the way financial statements can really tell a person's story through the numbers.

    Find your passion and use it to your advantage--so that you'll be able to go where your competitors will not.

    Good luck.
    Posted: May 24, 2013 By: hubzap Member since: May 24, 2013
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