Tax return over 100k?

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    Is it still the case that someone earning over £1100k a year (purely just PAYE) and not a director has to file an annual tax return? Or have they finally allowed people not to bother?
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    What are you circumstances do you have other interest
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    If they request you to complete a tax return, complete it or else ask them nicely can you not have to do it.
    Until they say otherwise, follow their instructions about doing it.
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    Usually self-assessment is for those with multiple income streams (which includes salary/dividend split)

    When they see a single source of income they might revert to non-se

    alternatively you can request to be taken off on the basis that you anticipate only having a single income. In the meantime, you really must file on time
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    If you are registered for self assessment and receive a notice to file a return you have to file one or try and get HMRC to revoke the notice if you have good reason not to do one.

    If you are not registered for self assessment you have a requirement to notify HMRC - within 6 months after the end of the tax year to which any income relates - of any income that is taxable and to which sufficient tax has not already been deducted at source.

    In practice this means any income in excess of the personal tax allowance, or any other relevant allowances/zero rate bands (eg small traders allowance, savings allowances, dividend zero rate band etc.) that has not already been taxed via PAYE and therefore tax is due.

    If you have no net liability due to all income being covered by any of the above you are under no legal obligation to notify HMRC (TMA 1970 s3-7).

    Depending on the tax owed and HMRC policy they will either try to adjust your tax code to collect the tax if they can (there’s a threshold and deadline for this) or they will send you a notice to file a tax return.
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