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    A PR company launched by a tabloid journalist has scored a 100 per cent success rate in its first six months of business.

    Former Daily Mirror reporter Steve McComish launched Pressman Public Relations from his spare bedroom in Nottingham after volunteering for redundancy from the newspaper.

    He began by attending networking events and was soon running publicity campaigns for small and medium sized businesses.

    As Pressman’s reputation grew and word of mouth spread Steve began attracting corporate clients including retailers Waitrose and international property consultants King Sturge.

    Many new clients were attracted by Pressman’s promise of guaranteed coverage – or waived fees.

    Three months ago Steve, 39, was joined by his first member of staff – his wife Liz. The couple, who have two young children, have now moved the business out of their home – and into a nearby business centre.

    Steve said: “The past six months has been one of the most exciting periods of my life. It’s very satisfying to have founded and grown my business to where we are today in just half a year.

    “Coming from a press background has definitely given my PR business a huge boost. As I’m a journalist I know what journalists are looking for when they put stories and articles together.

    “That insider press knowledge together with the contacts I built up in almost 15 years as a reporter means we are able to guarantee results for our clients. If we don’t achieve coverage, then we don’t bill.

    “It’s been an easy promise to make as we have hit all our agreed targets and achieved coverage for all our clients so we haven’t had to forgo any fees at all. I’m very proud of that 100 per cent record.”

    Steve worked as the Daily Mirror’s midlands correspondent from 2001 to 2006 and continues to write as a freelance journalist for a range of regional and national publications.

    He added that he had chosen the name Pressman because no one can ever spell his surname.

    He said: “I was going to call the business McComish PR but people always insist on inserting an r in my name so no one would ever have been able to find the website

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    Congratulations, Steve - a brilliant start to life in the real world.
    I too gave up my job as a tabloid journalist a few months ago to go out on my own (as featured on mediaguardian;)) and have loved every minute of it so far - long may that continue.
    Again, like you, my wife is set to take up a role in Scooped! and we will be moving into new premises in the summer.
    The very best of luck for the future.
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    Moved to press releases.
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    Great article Steve and best of luck with it all.
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    Two things

    Firstly congratulations on joining the professionals in PR and good luck for your future growth

    But secondly

    Why must you and journalists in particular always have to be mealy mouthed about professional PR people and their supposed lack of understanding about what 'real journalists' want?

    Many of us may not have actually sat in a newsroom, but through years of experience actually DO know how to craft a press release which isn't just puff and is published.

    Anyway, rant over, but it would be nice just for once for a journalist to acknowledge that they actually do need PR people to help them fill their white space.
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    To be fair Veejay, I don't think that's what Steve is saying and the fact that he has moved into PR demonstrates that he believes it brings value to journalists!

    Speaking as a journo myself, I am sometimes contacted by PR people who have little or no understanding of my target market and I'm simply a name on a tick list. Then again, I work with some great PRs who provide me with fantastic contacts and content.

    Any journalist would be stupid to say they don't need PRs but what they do need is PRs who know exactly the sort of people and content required. Most provide that but there are a few who don't. It is those individuals who can sometimes give the industry a bad name among us hacks.
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    I agree Dan, but I can't ever remember a PR person saying how lousy the journo was they had to deal with....lazy yes, but not lousy


    Hopefully now that Steve has a foot in both camps he will be able to see the many hoops that PR people have to go through with certain journalists and we can all live side by side in perfect harmony.

    Or have I just drifted off into a dreamworld?
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    At no point has anyone in this thread said PRs are lousy.
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    I agree, not in this thread.
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    Great PR Steve. It sounds like it's going fantastically for you! Keep it up.

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    That's a great story, Steve, very inspirational. Congratulations :)
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    Many congratulations. Good luck for the future!
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    Hi Veejay,

    I wasn't being "mealy mouthed" just expressing my opinion that 90 per cent of PR people with no journalism experience struggle to write in a style that journalists need and want.

    I formed that opinion during many years spent reading submitted press releases as a journalist. The vast majority were poorly written or missed the point. They went straight in the waste paper basket.

    I'm not saying only journalists can write in that style but I do believe experience in a real news room is invaluable. In my experience nine out of ten submitted press releases are trash but I'm sure yours are part of the ten per cent that prove useful.

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    Appreciate the reply Steve and now look forward to 'living together' in perfect harmony on the UKBF board!

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