SysAdmin; Server/Website deployment/migration, SSL (TLS) certs, issue identification etc

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    I've worked as a system administrator in the UK for nearly 7 years in multiple capacities, I started supporting corporations and eventually moved to my current 9-5 - supporting 70+ small to medium businesses with hugely diverse requirements.

    I've worked extensively with Windows and Linux at server level. I'm searching for a bit of extra cash and thought someone could use my knowledge at the rate of £30/hr.

    Feel free to ask about anything server related but heres a list of some common tasks that might be of use to you
    • General server deployment and provisioning (i.e 'I need a webserver running Linux with a Wordpress/Drupal/Owncloud/ActiveCollab/Oak/etc installation for
    • Migrate website/service to another server
    • Identify why services run slowly/crash/restart
    • Secure your server (Firewall, Intrusion Detection, Banning multiple failed login attempts, Automated malware scans, etc) - also happy to only audit and report issues
    • Make website HTTPS compatible (HTTP now shows as 'Not Secure' in Chrome)
    • Automated Vulnerability Scanning - Regular (or one off) scans your host/website for vulnerabilities
    • Install and configure service/server monitoring tools
    • Configure Backups
    • DNS changes
    • Office 365/Google Apps setup/configuration/changes
    • Basic automation (i.e moving all documents from a certain folder if they haven't been modified in x days then notify via Slack and email)
    • Apache/Nginx/WHM+cPanel/Plesk installation and installation/configuration
    • Perform updates to server/services/Wordpress and rollback to a working copy if there's an issue. Potentially able to fix update issue dependent on platform and problem - either way you'll be back online in the event of an update problem

    This is just a list of some of the more 'popular' services I'd be happy to do - feel free drop me a message about anything unlisted and I can let you know if possible.

    Happy to share LinkedIn, or client testimonial via PM.
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