SURVEY: Do you know about Making Tax Digital?

Discussion in 'Market Research' started by Ray Newman, Feb 18, 2019.

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    When I'm not working as an editor and forum manager at UKBF I'm doing similar work for PracticeWeb, a sister company of UKBF within SiftMedia.

    As part of that, I'm doing some research into business attitudes to Making Tax Digital, and thought it would be daft not to canvas opinion here, having seen the discussions around MTD that have been taking place.

    So, I've put together a short survey which I hope (technical stuff permitting) you'll be able torespond to here, via Google Forms.

    It should take about five minutes to complete, but if you're mad busy, even just a response to the first couple of questions would be helpful.


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  2. Ray Newman

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    The Government's own publication is a sample of statistical manipulation like just about everything else that Government has published on MTD (which is generally based on what HMRC tell ministers, and is generally grossly exaggerated in order to justify the extra £1.3bn given to HMRC to implement a digital tax system).

    Awareness is still generally low outside of accountancy and big business (I know this based on the number of clients who are now receiving the letters and ringing me to ask what the hell it is), the projected savings for business has become a projected cost since the original report, and those of us in the profession still believe it is heavily understated, the stated administrative burden is complete hokum, and the benefits to HMRC are NIL.

    Not to mention that the claim it will reduce the tax gap by reducing error fails to recognise that errors run both ways, between underpayments and overpayments, and in practice could feasibly reduce the VAT take for Government rather than increase it.

    Of course, Government will tell you that it will increase the take by reducing deliberate under-reporting (or over-stating/fabricating repayments), whilst failing to realise that if a business is doing this deliberately, they will continue to do so regardless of MTD.
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    Interesting perspective, thanks. I agree that it's always important to question sources, or at very least make the source clear so people can reach their own judgements. In general, I would rate research undertaken by the ONS or other independent bodies slightly more highly than that coming out of individual departments, or at least I'd be more sceptical of the executive summaries and PR around the latter.
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    I have seen interesting examples of government departments concealing embarrassing facts.
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