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    Striding Out is launching a new network in Kingston
    Come along to network with like-minded young entrepreneurs and meet our guest speaker and local Striding Out network host Anthea Bicknell, founder of 3D Communications.

    3D Communications takes a new approach to PR with innovative and modernised PR techniques. Anthea will share her insight on how to use PR to improve customer relations from start-up to settling in.

    At 3D Communications UK they work hard to dispel the myth that PR consultancy only offer short-term solutions. They think strategies, not tactics.

    The innovative PPI™ System is at the core of 3DCommunications UK, and is intricately combined in their PR services. Enabling us to tailoring PR strategies directly to your target audience. They offer you a different and unique perspective on communication.

    Come along to find out more about Striding Out and 3D Communications

    Attendance £10 for non members and free for members.

    The event is being held at the Ha Ha Bar at Charter Quay High Street, Kingston Upon Thames, Kingston Surrey, KT1 1HT.

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