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    Hi All,

    I have recently started a security and cleaning business in London. I have some experience working in a sales role in a company that did the same services so i know how to market and sale the services. I am thinking of getting safe contractor accreditation but not sure how to go about it. Can i apply if at the moment i don't have any employees? I have 5 self employed operatives doing few odd jobs here and there.

    Also, if anyone here can help or point me to the right place, i am looking for help with putting together company policies and procedures, QMS and quotation/service agreements and such documentss

    This is my first post here so please apologies if i haven't followed proper forum protocol in my questions.

    Thank you
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    No idea about the rest but make very sure your self employed people are not actually employees.
    While there are instances of security using self employed many instead have to use employees to keep contracts.
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    We can help with the policies and quotation agreements etc if you want to drop me a PM.

    In regards to Safe Contractor you can apply but the application needs to be spot on - This is also something we can advise on
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    Totally agree. Look at the Supreme Court judgement on Uber
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