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    Stablepoint - Professional Cloud Web Hosting without compromise

    Original founders of global hosting brands Tsohost, Vidahost and Speedydot, the Stablepoint team came together in 2018 to create a new hosting company. We wanted to use the latest tech, and our past experience to create the ultimate scalable yet personable hosting brand.

    Our aim is to focus on what makes hosting great: reliable servers, easy to use systems and fantastic customer support. We will not use complex jargon to explain simple things. We won’t try to sell you unnecessary “website add-ons”. We won’t fob you off when you need help with your hosting package.

    Stablepoint is run by the original founders of and, companies which were started in bedrooms and garages in 2003 & 2004 and grew to 250,000+ customers, but which are now owned & run by GoDaddy. After exiting the industry in 2015, Dom, Seb & Darren saw that there was a lack of technically proficient and reliable hosting available.

    Separately, in 2017 Sal founded Speedydot, after a year of rapid growth, Sal approached old industry contacts and Stablepoint was born.

    We're a team of 15, and currently hosting over 10,000 websites and we'd love to see how we could help host you're site too!

    Revolutionary Cloud Hosting with Stablepoint

    Stablepoint provides revolutionary managed web hosting based on top of enterprise-grade Cloud providers, at better value than traditional shared hosting. We provision instantly to the location of your choice. Perfect for every website: from personal WordPress blogs to complex Magento e-commerce systems.

    Stablepoint Hosting's Unlimited Cloud Hosting Packages

    ONE WEBSITE - Perfect for a single website and optimised for WordPress. Emails, domain and SSL are included, as is our excellent UK support.

    Unlimited Space & Bandwidth
    cPanel Control Panel
    Choice of 80+ Locations
    Instant Setup
    Free Domain Registration
    Free SSL & Migration

    Free Daily Backups
    60 Day Money-back Guarantee
    From £3.99/mo - (Choose Location & Sign up)

    TEN WEBSITES - Up to 10 websites, on one control panel. SSLs and migrations included for every website, as well as one free domain registration.

    Unlimited Space & Bandwidth
    cPanel Control Panel
    Choice of 80+ Locations
    Instant Setup
    Free Domain Registration
    Free SSL & Migrations In

    Free Daily Backups
    60 Day Money-back Guarantee
    From £8.99/mo - (Choose Location & Sign up)

    UNLIMITED RESELLER HOSTING - Designed to scale with your business, from £24.99/mo.
    Available in 30+ locations, and based on top of cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Stablepoint is the ultimate white-label cPanel hosting platform for resellers. Every package comes with unlimited SSD storage, 100 cPanel accounts, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails, and unlimited free migrations in.

    - Choose your perfect location

    Completely Scalable
    We use automation technologies such as Ansible and Terraform to replicate an identical platform infinite times. It means every hosting account we provision is controlled from a central system - so we know they all run perfectly.

    24/7 Technical Support

    Tap into our 24/7 experienced support whenever you need it. Chat with us online or call us on 0203 918 5853.

    No Price Increases!
    We'll fix your renewal price for five years, even if you pay monthly. No unexpected or sudden price increases. There is no genuine reason that hosting prices should be increasing.

    Transfer to StablePoint
    Moving to us from a competitor? We'll match your renewal date by up to six months from a comparable plan with a competitor.

    Clean Mail Servers
    We scan every outgoing message using SpamExperts filtering, to ensure your system is never on a blacklist.


    Have any questions? Feel free to contact our sales department via live chat or give us a call: 0203 918 5853

    Facebook: Stablepoint Hosting
    Twitter: @Stablepoint

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