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    I represent a charitable organisation which runs Youth Football in Hatfield Peverel (just outside Chelmsford) in Essex. Established in 1903 we are FA charter standard accredited, which means we meet the highest levels of safeguarding our 250 children aged 4-16 who are part of the club. In 2014 after many years of hard work we moved into our excellent new facilites with 8 pitches and a new clubhouse and changing rooms. This has enabled us to grow from 9 youth to 16 youth teams in the 2015/2016 season. Howver, the new site has also seen an increase in our fixed costs and therefore we are under greater pressure than ever to secure funding and sponsorship to enable us to continue to grow. We are looking for local businessses, and businesses with a link to Essex to support our club via sponsorship. We have a range of packages available, from links to our popular website, to pitchside banners to full sponsorship of childrens teams. We have already written to all local businesses but hope that that forum will reach a wider audience.

    Thanks for reading

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    Hi Terry
    As well as running my own business I am also a Life Vice President of a local club similar to yours but larger. From experience writing to local businesses doesn't work. Two routes to look at are
    1, writing to and cajoling the parents of the children within your club either for direct sponsorship if they are self employed or if they work for a company get them to ask their employers. We raised some decent money this way.
    2, If you have any large suppliers ask them on the basis your scratching their back etc: We raised some small sums this way.
    The reason for forming Funding for Communities was to help clubs like yours raise money. If I can be of any further help let me know.
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