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    We're looking for sponsors for our search engines.

    Our company operates 2 popular online search engines:

    realtyww. info - real estate search engine, presented in 8 countries. Perfect opportunity for property professionals, mortgage brokers or other businesses which are presented nationwide or globally.

    jobs-search. org - search engine for job openings, presented in 7 countries. Great deal for firms involved in employment niche, also could be interested for credit cards providers or for other nationwide or globally presented businesses.

    Why to support us?

    1. Our sponsors will receive a notable place on every page of the website that will show their logo and could be extanded with a link to their site.

    2. Becaming a sponsor of the huge international project will provide additional trust and popularity to your brand. Your business is very strong if you can sponsor others.

    3. This is the opportunity to promote your brand abroad as well locally.

    Why we need money?

    We need some money to cover the technical expenses but the main reason why we ask for help is our interest to invest in advertising, we will use the funds to promote our site.

    Please submit proposals to realtywwinfo @ gmail.com
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