Spongebob Plan, dividends and corp tax

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    Thanks for previous replies. I’ve had some developments which means things aren’t as dire but I want to be prepared in case they become so again and I can’t scrape myself out of this hole.

    If I were to dissolve the company due to not having enough money to continue then what I owe is:
    Corp tax - but not had first year end so no accounts submitted and no amount due yet
    Directors Loan (or rather dividends I took too optimistically) - not on any paperwork yet either
    Possibly VAT due (registered but not sure if/what I owe to date yet as haven’t submitted a return yet).

    But no other debts and all customers stuff fulfilled.

    And what do I say to my accountant? How do I approach it?
    Thanks in advance
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    Say what you want to accountant. Either they do the accounts or they do not.
    What the company owes is not accountant problem.

    The dividends you will need to include in your personal tax return for the tax year - it's untaxed income. That is your tax liability if it causes tax to be payable - not the company tax liability.
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    How much DLA do you owe to the Company and how much are the HMRC liabilities?
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