Spongebob Plan Complete (nearly) Problems with Insurance

Discussion in 'Insolvency' started by Gingerbreadmen, Mar 2, 2018.

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    So I followed the Spongebob plan and called companies house at the start of last week to see if everything has gone through. The lady said they are waiting for the final Gazette notice and all should go through but they had received an objection but it had not been upheld. I have been emailing Companies House but they won't tell me who and why someone had objected. Anyway that is besides the point I checked CH website today to my surprise found that the company is listed as dissolved from the 6/3/18!!! Happy Days

    After I had sent in the DS01 to CH I discovered I had another creditor my van insurance who wanted aprox £200 cancellation fee. Followed the plan and as soon as I was aware I sent a copy of the DS01 and the letter to request liquidation. They have passed the debt onto a company called the insurance collections bureau who have been writing to my home address, court action, in house solicitors letters etc. The insurance was commercial van insurance they asked for the Ltd. co number, the payments came out of the business account etc. Anyway they are stating that I am personally liable for the debt. I have asked them to prove it and requested a signed copy of the contract outlining the section proving personal liability. They responded and said that they didn't hold the documents but have requested them from the insurer. That was nearly a month ago however their last response was they were putting the account on hold.

    Do you think I should contact them after the 28 days and saying in the absence of any proof of personal liability here are the details of the dissolution of the company please don't contact me again. Or shall I escalate it to the trade body and make a complaint? I know I have the option of not doing anything and seeing what happens however now that the company has gone I want a clean break from it all and get on with my life not having to worry about debt collectors and so on turning up in 6 months time.

    As always thanks in advance.

    Gingerbread Man
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    That is what I would suggest.
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    Think they were trying it on to get payment.
    Some of these companies appear to do anything, say anything, to get money.
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