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    This year during Enterprise Week, I am co-ordinating the biggest ever, simultaneous Speednetworking extravaganza across the UK! We are aiming to have hundreds of Speednetworking events happening in schools, colleges, universities, businesses, enterprise centres, chambers, communities etc

    Date: Friday 17th November
    Time: from 12 noon
    All details here: http://www.starttalkingideas.org/speednetwork

    Why not take part and organise a Speednetworking event with other businesses in your area.

    In one hour you are guaranteed to meet 12 new contacts - it is a good way to promote your business, find new clients or suppliers or simply meet interesting people.

    Everyone who registers an event will enter a prize draw to win £1000 - you could also win £1000 if you run the biggest event or the one in the most unusual location.

    People who have signed up so far include:
    - The Channel Chamber is taking 50 members to France to speednetwork with the Bologne Chamber - in French!
    - Speednetworking for 200 Young Enterprise students in the British Airways London Eye pods
    - Lloyds TSB are organising speednetworking events in their business lounges
    - Speednetworking in Wandsworth Prison between local businesses and young offenders
    - TESCOs is speednetworking staff at their HQ office

    So, I'm looking for 1000 people who want to have a go and run a Speednetworking event - let me know if you are interested on [email protected]
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