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    Hi all,

    I'm starting a business, the format is a marketplace.

    I initially wanted to call it brands bazaar but that was trademarked so I changed it to bazaar of brands. I wanted it to be very clear that there were many brands under one roof. But not, I am launching with house brands and have yet to get the marketplace side sorted, so to launch with that name I think would be a little misleading. Also I'm not sure if it means you can buy brands at this bazaar of whether it is a bazaar full of seller brands. What does it sound like to you?

    Anyway I decided to go with something more flexible and future proof should the marketplace not work out - also for the launch considering I have no brands up yet, something like Urban Bazaar as I will be selling anything and everything from the middle east, but here in the west. Unfortunately, Urban bazaar domain and instagram name is taken.

    Can anyone suggest a name to emulate a bazaar bringing goods of the east, to the west?

    Some weird suggestions that came to mind was;
    - Silly Road Bazaar (can't do that because it doesn't include certain geographies of the middle east)
    - Culture Bazaar

    Etc. PLZ HELP!
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    East to West

    However it’s not at all clear if you want a company name, trading name or domain name. They can all be different.
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    Bazaar from afar
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    Buzzare. Buzzar.
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    sale souk
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    Byzantine - where east meets west.
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    Surely you meant 'Buyzantine' ;):D
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    What sort of goods are you going to be selling?

    open bazaar
    house bazaar

    I'm in a similar spot trying to find a name for a new business. I was researching how known brands chose their names. Here are a few just out of interest.

    IKEA: Founded by Ingvar Kamprad (IK) plus the farm where he grew up Elmtaryd (E) and the near village Agunnaryd (A).

    Steve Jobs came back from one of his fruitarian diets, an apple farm.
    Steve Wozniak: “It was a couple of weeks later when we came up with a name for the partnership. I remember I was driving Steve Jobs back from the airport along Highway 85. Steve was coming back from a visit to Oregon to a place he called an “apple orchard.” It was actually some kind of commune. Steve suggested a name – Apple Computer. The first comment out of my mouth was, “What about Apple Records?” This was (and still is) the Beatles-owned record label. We both tried to come up with technical-sounding names that were better, but we couldn’t think of any good ones. Apple was so much better, better than any other name we could think of.”

    The name was actually Googol which is the number 1 with 100 zeros after it. It’s shorthand for a really big number. It was misspelt in translation > Google.
    A Googleplex is the number 1 followed by googol zeros. Google’s HQ is known as Googlepex.

    After the Greek Goddess of victory.

    Founder George Eastman named the camera and film corporation in 1888.

    Eastman's favourite letter was "k", he is quoted as saying, "it seems a strong, incisive sort of letter." He decided he wanted the name to start and end with a k. He and his mother devised the name with an Anagrams set. It was chosen because it was impossible to mispronounce and was dissimilar to any existing words.

    Interestingly enough the word Kodak existed previously in other languages. Kodak Fortress was a fort built in 1635 over the Dnieper River, near what was to become the town of Stari Kodaky (by modern day: Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine).

    Coca Cola:
    The drink is called "Coca-Cola" because of the cocaine leaf and kola fruits that were used to add flavour. Dr Pemberton's partner and bookkeeper, Frank Robinson, suggested the name "Coca-Cola" because he thought using the letter C twice would look better than if they used a K in the word "Cola". He then wrote down the name to use as a logo that is now very famous. The recipe was altered after a short while, swapping the cocaine leaf with the coca leaf after reported cases of hallucinations.

    Jeff Bezos first named the company as Cadabra, after the magic slogan “Abra-Cadabra”. When he first mentioned this to his lawyer over the phone, his lawyer misheard it as “Cadaver ???”. Bezos knew right then, that the name would not stick.
    Bezos had the customer-centric approach to the business, right from the start. So, he had proposed to change the name to “Relentless Inc”, a way of saying that the company would be relentless in its approach to customer satisfaction. In 1994, the company’s then de-facto CTO was Shel Kaphan. He was not very amused by the proposal. So, Bezos continued to look for options for the company name.
    Bezos looked for a brand name that would align with his vision: the earth’s biggest bookstore. Bezos picked up a dictionary and started with A because, with the new internet, websites were listed alphabetically, which meant a name beginning with A would always be higher on the page, giving a slight competitive advantage. Decided on Amazon because he thought at the time it was the worlds largest river which aligned with his vision for the worlds largest bookstore.

    Requiring a brand name for her product, Blakely was frustrated after failing to settle on a title that satisfied her, after a year and a half of ideation. At the time she finalized her brand name, Blakely knew that Coca-Cola and Kodak were two of the most recognized brand names in the world and that both contained a strong "k" sound. Blakely read that the founder of Kodak liked the sound so much that he used it as the beginning and end of his brand name and then proceeded to create a functioning word based upon this foundation. The name "Spanks" eventually came to Blakely, but she was advised to replace the "ks" with an "x". Aso, her research had shown that constructed names were more successful and were easier to register as a trademark.
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    Honorable Mention : Manssiere
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