Social Downturn?

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    You have time to sit in the house all day waiting to see if citylink can be arsed to deliver?
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    In the town in which I live a new, BIG, Tescos opened a couple of years ago. Now the local paper is forever full of stories of how Tesco's has killed off the High Street. However, it (the High Street) was dead - or certainly in terminal decline - long before Tesco's opened up. But rather than accept this and look to the future, too many people look back with rose tinted specs and blame Tesco for the empty shops on the High Street. Because its easy to blame Tesco's - it means they don't have to blame themselves for not using those shops before Tesco arrived and since it opened its doors.
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    I have a safe place ;)

    Or if its expensive i get it delivered where im currently workin.
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    Discuss = Tosh

    What is the local butcher to do? specialize in rare to find jungle meat! They you go madam, half a pound of Javana Rhino meat fresh from the poachers tis mornin, i through in the tongue for free, seen so it was the last Javana Rhino in existence
    Or the fishmonger, Anyone for Blue nose dolphin
    and back to the niche baker: Butterfly cake, sprinkled with a coating of ground down Javana Rhinosaurus (sp) Horn :D
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