Social Downturn?

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    In 5 years is the world of shopping going to be all done online, are we all going to become recluses as to the convenience of online shopping. Lets face it we can get clothing, food, nappies, toiletries and food all delivered to our door. Gemma Dawson, who runs online fancy dress and clothing store believes this will lead to a sad state for peoples social developments. If people don’t go out how are they expected to have conversations and meet new people. I think people nowadays are hiding behind facebook instead of actually meeting people and having a real friend and conversation, which is mad as many people still feel lonely in their homes and some people on facebook have stated that even though they have thousands of friends on their facebook list they don’t have a real person they can text and go out for a coffee with. This is the state of society today where people are spending too long in front of the computer and not actually getting out, no wonder we have so many overweight kids and people that get to 40 and are 2 shy to meet people. Kids need to learn from a certain age about mixing and community as this forms a huge part of their social development but is the situation going to get worse?
    We have a shopping centre in our local town with shops closing down left, right and centre therefore if theirs no shops then no customers and more people will turn to shopping online. If it wasn’t for the greedy shopping centre managers wanting so much money for the letting of a store and wasn’t for business rates at 50% they may convince one man band type shops and small businesses to take the leap and start their own business. Heaven forbid, we don’t want unemployment to rise even further. We really need to save the social side of our community because soon we will all be inside shopping online and not having a conversation with people other than those we meet at toddler groups or work.

    Gemma Dawson
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    I think the social downturn you refer started well before the Internet revolution took place.

    Out of town shopping malls and the likes of Tescos strangling the life out of local shopkeepers.
    Town planners who are deft at turning what once used to be established and thriving high streets into souless, characterless paper mashays
    Greedy councils using any available street parking into cash cows.
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    Hopefully! I draw no pleasure from high-street shopping. :)
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    wow this is nice, innovative too, will share
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    Yes good share.
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    Internet shopping is very useful, but I still think people will go to the shops. You can't beat passing trade. I live in a tourism area and my high street is always busy.
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    Gemma you are bemoaning the fact that everyone is shopping online and high streets are closing down but you are promoting your own online shop.
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    I don't get it - why does the thread start in the third person?

    Are you Gemma or a marketing bod?
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    Gemma, have you seen the sci fi film Surrogates?

    If not, I think you will like it, since IMO it draws very clever comparisons with some of the issues you mention about the facebook nation.

    As for internet shopping, I think that some of the smaller online shop owners, especially those in saturated competitive markets, might return to the real world when they realise there isn't really any gold in them thar hills.
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    Because its supposed to be a press release ...
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    That damn 'New Posts' button! ;)
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    Could have had a hook to 'The Big Society': will the coalition's idea of community reverse a trend towards isolation and help regenerate town centres? Will online community schemes help real life schemes leading to more local interaction, including more local shopping?

    (Nah. We're all doomed. My legs are atrophying into my ample and amplifying 'seating area' as I sit hour after hour by the screen, tirelessly honing my attention span to that of a flea's. Doomed I tell ya.)
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    yep the advent of cars killed social interaction.

    Very few people had the bleeding things when I was young,so you had to talk to people even if it was the conductor.:)

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    Isnt this bad for small businesses aswell? Dont people want to go shopping?

    I love walking round town into different shops and feel in 5 years i may not be able to do this, i loved watching the mary queen of shops programme and she is right in 5 years asda and tesco will be selling everything else they dont sell now and if they dont everyone can buy stuff online? So how are we going to interact with others and teach our kids the social aspects of life as according to the Foundation early stages Curriculum.

    We live in a small village where everyone talks to everyone, ive lived in 12 houses since i was born and this is the nicest and most friendlist place i have lived, why cant move towns and villages be like ours?

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    Because people have to go to work in offices and factories. They sit in cars and trains for hours on end going to large towns and cities to create the wealth that runs the country.

    If you really want to keep the towns centre's thriving, why don't you rent a shop to sell your clothes instead of running an online store?

    (not having a go at you personally, it's just that you have an online business yet bemoan the demise of the B&M shops).
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    "Imagine seven million people all wanting to live together. Yeah, New York must be the friendliest place on earth."
    Mick 'Crocodile' Dundee

    A couple of thoughts:

    1. I think that the next (or next but one or two!) big social media platform will be one that brings together the online & the 'real' world. Foursquare (I don't use it, so can't be sure) is sort of doing it, but is no there yet.
    2. The ubiquitous-ness of Tesco et al is actually improving the high street for the consumer. For example, take a town, any town across the country. It has a bakery that produces staple, standard bread & cakes. Tesco's opens up on the outskirts, undercuts the bakery which can't compete. So the bakery goes 'niche', starts baking quality and 'boutique' breads & cakes - which Tesco's doesn't - providing something that wasn't available before Tesco's came to town. Discuss.
    :D... Lights blue touch paper and departs rapidly ...!:D
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    I live somewhere where the opposite of this has happened - no Tesco, just local shops - and the town died anyway.
    We did have the Bradford and Bingley but now that's getting knocked down and is to be replaced by Sainsbury's - which everyone thinks will bring more trade to the town and be, overall, a good thing?

    Can't blame Tesco for everything.

    As for the social media stuff - the vast majority of people don't use it and never will. Only a very small fraction of retail is internet based - there are good arguments which suggest this will remain the case too.
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    you mean the baker goes broke and ends up working for Tesco or on the dole.

    between the superstores and the internet ,the heart is being torn out of local town centers.

    Only banks ,cafes,pound shops and charity shops will survive in the main.

    Go look at Thanet for a prictical demonstration of things to come.

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    Cant afford the oversized rent then all other stuff on top and 50% business rates.


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    Just because i order my weekly shopping online, all my takeaways and clothes and tools and xbox games and socks does not mean i am a recluse lol

    It means im a really busy guy who does not have the time to go to the shops.

    I still find time to go to the pub and socialise.

    Ordering online saves you wasting your free time. Why would i want to walk around Tesco in my free time?
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