SMP1 - Refusal of maternity pay (employers stamp)

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    I have an employee who worked for me part time. When they came on board they were already pregnant and they needed to work for a few months to make up gaps in their employment to get the government provided maternity allowance.

    I believe they needed 16 weeks of employment (out of 26 total needed).

    She's been working with me for two months now and produced a MATB1 form to me, and I am required to produce a SMP1 form for them. No qualms about doing this but on the form itself it requires an employers stamp.

    I don't actually have an employers stamp, do I NEED the stamp to fill in the form. Or will a substitute handwritten one suffice with a signature of the director (me) with a testimony affirming the validity of the contents of the form?

    I'm guessing that's all they need the stamp for, to prove that the form was filled in by the company in question.

    I've moved offices a few times so I don't like stationery with address on. I always avoided buying it. Should I just buy a DIY stamp which allowed me to rearrange the lettering myself?
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    Just sign it with a dec;aration underneath signed by x, as director of zzz ltd.
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