Small Video Production Company Unveils Its Latest Offering

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    The low cost video production and marketing company, Busyvids, has added yet a further dimension to its ever growing repertoire of video styles and formats. To promote its latest offering, it has created a 20 minute demonstration video consisting of a huge range of product and corporate presentations, all rolled into one. The aim of the promo video is to showcase the company’s expertise in producing Powerpoint presentations to a very high level of standard.

    Anyone who has ever created any serious Powerpoint presentations, complete with a series of effects and transitions, will know only too well how complex and time-consuming this work can be. Busyvids has once again shown its versatility in the video production market by unashamedly creating a fascinating array of charts and image holders in its latest offering.

    Busyvids first emerged onto the video production scene in April 2012, offering low-cost marketing videos to all types of small businesses all over the country. It has since grown at a tremendous rate but still offers a personal service headed by managing director and top UK copywriter Bill Knight. In a recent interview Bill Knight said, “Working with small business is and always will be our primary objective. Our initial mission was to offer small business owners the opportunity to showcase their products and services to the market via the medium of video, at the lowest possible cost and this will never change.”

    He Added, “However, we have recognised a need for speciality video presentations, especially in the medium sized corporate business arena. There is also a need for small businesses and non-profit organisations to produce presentations to aid funding and business loan applications, which our new service can now address. In fact the new service range is so flexible and customisable, it can be tailored to suit just about any type of presentation requirement.”

    Prices for the new service start from as little as £99 for a 60 second production, which can include a soundtrack and a professional voiceover if required. For further information about all the types of video productions on offer at low-cost prices, visit the company website at:
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