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  1. withers

    withers UKBF Newcomer

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    I have recently been using Google Webmasters and it suggests uploading a sitemap. Does anyone have any ideas how or where I go to create a sitemap?

    Posted: Aug 4, 2009 By: withers Member since: Aug 4, 2009
  2. stato77

    stato77 UKBF Newcomer

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    Posted: Aug 4, 2009 By: stato77 Member since: Apr 11, 2008
  3. a1isp

    a1isp UKBF Contributor

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    You need to create a text file in the root directory of your webserver listing each page you want indexed

    Then "Submit a sitemap" on the Sitemaps page. That's it! There are more complicated XML-based options for larger sites, but this will be fine if you have a smaller site.
    Posted: Aug 4, 2009 By: a1isp Member since: Jan 11, 2008
  4. Ecler

    Ecler UKBF Contributor

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    Posted: Aug 4, 2009 By: Ecler Member since: Jun 24, 2009
  5. crossdaz

    crossdaz Guest

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    Unless you have loads of pages there is no need to bother, so long as the navigation of the site is clear.

    If you do use one of the online sitemap creators then opt not to have the last updated settings included. Otherwise you'll need to re-do it every time you update the site.
    Posted: Aug 4, 2009 By: crossdaz Member since: Jan 1, 1970
  6. FireFleur

    FireFleur UKBF Legend

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    The sitemap is generally used by google to locate hard to find pages.

    There is a reference to that in the webmaster tools, so it is not essential, it is just something that google and other bots can use to assess a site.

    The sitemap DTD is not google's but it is supported by them and yahoo etc:

    They are useful for sites, I use them to indicate large updates, for a lot of my sites, I will start with a holding page, create sitemap, then a skeleton of the site is produced, update sitemap, then the content moves in, and when most of that is done another sitemap update.

    Seems to work quite well, I can see it brings in the google bot. The other trick is to check for any errors, errors can creep in quite easily, and once you see google report the error then update the page fast after seeing it, and google will tend to up the site.

    Personally, I have my own bot for creating sitemaps, but the online ones are ok, and there is one you can install on the server I use to use that one, but it can be quite invasive (annoyingly so :)), so I run from external and analyse the pages for links.
    Posted: Aug 4, 2009 By: FireFleur Member since: Oct 29, 2008
  7. nickpp

    nickpp UKBF Contributor

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    best if you can find a script that automatically updates every day.

    Used one recently, it was free.

    Just need to find link...
    Posted: Aug 5, 2009 By: nickpp Member since: Aug 11, 2008
  8. marky9378

    marky9378 UKBF Contributor

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    Posted: Aug 5, 2009 By: marky9378 Member since: Dec 7, 2008
  9. Alcsl

    Alcsl UKBF Regular

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    Try A1 Sitemap Generator via microsystools.

    Posted: Aug 6, 2009 By: Alcsl Member since: Jan 25, 2008
  10. jacksan

    jacksan UKBF Newcomer

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    [FONT=DejaVu Sans, sans-serif]Use this is the best Sitemap Generator. Sitemap is one of the best way to your website indexed by google search engine. It can provides webmaster a clear picture on how the web site is organized. Also, when your website get complicated, the site map button can provides a shortcut to the visitor to navigate between different pages in your site.

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    Posted: Aug 6, 2009 By: jacksan Member since: Oct 13, 2008
  11. withers

    withers UKBF Newcomer

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    Thanks for the advice- I will give the xml-sitemap one a go and let you know how i get on (hopefully it isn't too technical!).
    Posted: Aug 6, 2009 By: withers Member since: Aug 4, 2009
  12. fisicx

    fisicx Moderator
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    If your site is already in the index then do NOT set up a site map unless you run an ecommerce store or some other dynamic site.

    And if you you don't set up the site map correctly then you are almost certain to lose ranking so be very careful.
    Posted: Aug 6, 2009 By: fisicx Member since: Sep 12, 2006
  13. TheAlbear

    TheAlbear UKBF Contributor

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    Posted: Aug 6, 2009 By: TheAlbear Member since: Jul 31, 2009
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