Setting up a temporary staffing agency within the care sector

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    Good evening
    I’m currently setting up a temporary staffing agency within the care environment. I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge or information on what marketing ideas would be good, we have thought of websites, contacting care homes, advertising on social media. We will have 2 important roles that will run side by side and will be our toughest challenge, which will be employing staff and obtaining contacts with care homes, who we will provide staff to when they need them.
    Many thanks in advance.
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  2. Andreas Christodoulou

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    Honestly? Calling them. Get a list of care homes in your area on a spreadsheet and go from the top. It's an incredibly targeted market, so you'll be able to do a good 50 a day.

    After that, having a decent website that your clients and carers can go to to login, as well as a payroll system is critical. How far along are you with the idea?
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    So, you want to start a business you’re just lacking suppliers and customers?

    as is so often the case, the key question is how you will differentiate yourself from other established agencies? The answer to this will probably help with the answer to your question
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    ...but not ambition!

    No apparent existing relationships with care workers, but inviting them to work in one of the highest risk environments, coming into what could be the second wave of a global pandemic could be quite a challenge.
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  5. Mr D

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    Ah the fun of temping agency....

    Besides staff on your books you'll also need to cover all the employment side - payroll, holiday pay, basically all the stuff the client (the care home) does not want to deal with regarding staff.

    And hope your client doesn't go under owing you money.
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    With potentially millions unemployed? Easy to do.
    Getting them to turn up, getting them to stay the full shift, getting them to return the next day - minor problems.
    Not forgetting of course the fun of working long hours in the agency....
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  7. Clinton

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    I don't know why you are thinking of marketing. In your sector the problem is not getting customers, it's getting staff.

    Care homes, private hospitals, mental health hospitals, other care facilities really struggle with getting staff. I was at a private mental health hospital recently, visiting someone. They seem to use a lot of agency staff. All over their lobby were notices that suggested staffing was a real problem.

    One notice was giving agency workers strict warnings that if they didn't turn up for a shift or turned up late, or refused to work the ward they were allocated, they wouldn't be called again.

    Obviously, the hospital have a lot of reliability problems when it comes to agency staff.

    Another notice was trying to tempt good agency staff to go on bank and saying why bank was so much better (you get free meals, you get first choice of shifts, you get £0.81 extra per hour, you get annual leave etc). It looked really good. I don't know what "bank" is but I was tempted to apply! I mean, free meals?! C'mon.

    A third notice was encouraging bank staff to apply for permanent jobs.

    Get good staff, look after them well, be ruthless with kicking out the unreliable ones ...and you'll have no trouble finding customers. If you're doing any "marketing", do it to get good staff, not to get customers.

    Money spent on marketing is almost always money wasted. Focus on improving the "product" and let the produce sell itself!
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    Hi Jenny,

    The care industry is a brilliant business to be in and can bring good future prospects.

    To position your company in the best light to obtain customers/contracts you may need to look at what sets you apart from your competition and how saturated your market is in a particular area.

    I have to agree with Clinton, The major issue you will face is maintaining and hiring staff. If you have a strategy on how to recruit staff, maintain them and have a low churn rate, obtaining contracts may be the easy part. let me explain below

    A friend of mines owns a company based in NW London who is in this exact business. They have roughly around 15 per/30 temp carers. They recently had to give up a contract for a fairly big borough purely because they did not have enough staff to man that location.

    From what I gather its been around 2-3 months and no one has yet laid claim to the bulk of the opportunity there.

    Again Colin is on the money, I would focus on getting in reliable staff and how to reduce any churn rate.

    Side note: I own a small venture investment fund (New Era Ventures), If you are interested in a partner who may be able to inject capital and can help with some of the issues you face starting this business please PM me.

    I am looking to invest in startups in this industry and can provide day to day support also.

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  10. Ian J

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    Almost all new start recruitment agencies use some form of invoice finance for working capital and I would guess that 70% of all my enquiries come from this industry sector
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  11. Jenshaw

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    Many thanks to all
    Your comments and suggestions.
    Having worked in care for 16 years and then moving over to assessing in care, I feel we have an excellent understanding in this area. I have been on the receiving end of needing staff and working with an agency and agency staff.
    We have looked at legislations, policies and procedures around agency work and employment.
    The knowledge I feel we are lacking is marketing our agency and advertising for staff...we have got a website and social media sites..but I’m
    Just looking at other ways of marketing it.
    Many thanks
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  12. ethical PR

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    You are starting in the wrong place you are looking at channels to use not how to market your business.

    1. What is your offer/brand proposition?
    2. Competitor research - what are you offering that is different/better than your competitors?
    3. Who are you marketing to a) customers b) potential staff - develop profiles on your customer base and the sort of staff you want to attract
    4. Once you have this information carry out market research to understand what sort of channels your customers and potential staff might use to look for staff/look for work
    5. Develop the content you need to market your brand i.e. brand, benefits, photography, video, literature, advertising materials on and offline
    6. Identify the marketing budget you need to develop your content, channels and advertising
    7. Put together a measurable marketing plan to look at how you are going to promote your service to customers and potential staff. Ensure you put in measures to evaluate the effectiveness of each activity.
    8. Do more of what works and drop what doesn't.

    As you don't have the expertise to do this, work with a marketing/PR consultant or consultancy with expertise in this sector to help you develop the above.
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    That's all recruitment is, getting roles by marketing your agency and filling them with staff. If you don't know how to do either of those things, how do you plan to start a recruitment company?
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  14. Mr D

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    You need customers and you need staff to sign up to you.

    Two different problems.

    From staff point of view what will you be offering that the other dozen agencies they sign up to will not be offering?

    From customer point of view if the staff member booked to start at 8pm fails to turn up can you offer a replacement that night?

    You have experience with dealing with the agencies you should have a solution to the problems you know drop up.
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