SEO without CRO is like Fish without Chips

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    Back in January I was contacted by a friend of a friend. They had been quoted £2,000 + VAT per month for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) on their website (in the motor trade), and wanted to know what I thought. I asked two questions:

    1. What they were going to get for their £2,000 a month?

    2. Why is it £2,000 a month and not £1,637.50 or something like that?

    Their answer to the first question went something like this - "they're going to work their 'SEO magic' to get our website higher in Google". They didn't have an answer for the second question, so I offered one of my own - "it's because they think they can get away with charging you £2,000 a month!".

    I then asked "What are they going to do about improving the conversion rate of your website", to which the client replied "nothing, as far as I know". I pointed out that there isn't much point gaining high positions on Google, if those phrases/keywords don't bring relevant traffic, or if the page they are taken to doesn't help to move them along the conversion funnel (Conversion Rate Optimisation).

    PAYG SEO with CRO

    The client was sold on my 'Pay As You Go SEO with CRO' by this point. Over the next six months this is what I've done for them (plus a lot of 'hand-holding'):

    • keyword and competitor research, to prioritise the most valuable keywords/phrases
    • Setup position tracking from day 1, so we can monitor progress for both desktop and mobile devices on Google
    • decide keywords as the entry point to the home page
    • create landing pages for secondary keywords
    • create mockups of new home and landing pages (forwarded to web designer for implementation into CMS)
    • setup and improve relationship with Google Search Console
    • create revised layout for website header navigation to more closely match users typical journey
    • Rewrite content on all landing pages and home page
    • Specify fix for broken sitemap provided by web designer
    • Replace all Adwords pay-per-click campaigns
    • Correctly set all on-page SEO factors to keep Dr Google happy
    • Setup email newsletter system including a block to stop disposable email addresses being used
    • Offsite link building

    My invoices for this work have been as follows:

    Jan £250
    Feb £162
    Mar £275
    Apr £637
    May £810
    Jun £766

    Total £2,900. Remember the client was quoted £2k per month by this other agency.

    Also in this time I have identified and fixed numerous errors introduced by the client's web design company, when they replaced his website with a new one (which he had ordered before contacting me).

    The main reason this project has taken six months is because we had to wait for the new website to appear (later than promised) and it was largely broken when it was finally delivered. Now, six months later the client's website:
    • has moved up hundreds of places on Google across their 23 most important keywords/phrases

    • has a logical conversion funnel where visitors are taken by the hand (figuratively speaking) and lead through to making contact (cannot buy online in this market)

    • is getting double the number of paid clicks each day through Google Adwords at a lower cost (compared to the same time last year).

    So, if you like your fish with chips - how about a bit of Pay As You Go SEO with CRO?

    I don't have a fancy website like the £2k a month agency. My website is quite basic and you can see it - and read more about me - here (although I have been 'in the game' since 2002). My website doesn't bring me clients, I normally just get them through referrals.

    Special Offer for UKBF Members/Visitors Only

    All of the work mentioned on this page has been charged at my usual rate of £50 per hour. However, for UKBF members/visitors, I am happy to offer a 20% reduction to £40 per hour. Your only commitment is to pay for my time spent on your SEO/CRO. You don't have to commit to any number of hours each month (but you can set an upper limit).

    Please get in touch by sending me a pm here or through my website here. If you do contact me through my website, please mention UKBF as I'll deny that a £40/hour rate exists otherwise :)
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