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    Hey guys,

    We're an agency that specialises in E-Commerce SEO. We're made up of some very talented people, and have had huge success with the work we have done.

    We make enough money off monthly retainers regardless and have never had an unhappy client due to our skill set and hard work, we are now looking for more companies/websites in which we can do a revenue share model.

    For example:
    Let's say your site currently does £10,000 per month. We'd be willing to help grow your site's traffic via SEO, help you get better conversions, find new keyword/business oppurtunities and do everything in our power to increase your companies overall revenue.

    In return, we'd ask for a revenue share of your overall sales. If you're doing £10,000/Month, then we'd ask for a 5% revenue share.. This means we get more money, the more we grow your traffic.

    It's mutually beneficial and we're looking for long term partners only.

    We do have certain requirements:
    • No new websites, or super low revenue sites (<£10,000/Mo Revenue), We need something to work with.
    • 99% of E-Commerce sites in the UK have very poor SEO. Our analysis showed that 65% of buyer intent keywords had 1 of 3 companies ranking #1: eBay, Amazon or Gumtree. Our agency has routinely beaten out these companies from their #1 spots.
    • You let us take complete control of the campaign, no phoning us 7 times a week.. We carry out work and update you on the progress of the campaign.
    That's it!
    PM me your site and I can take a look at how we can best help. Looking for E-Commerce business only.
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