Sending To Europe After Brexit

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    I have a bunch of word files with certain data on.
    Open up relevant file, copy and paste.
    While we cover a considerable range of goods we tend to sell certain items many times a year overseas. So common stuff we don't need to go looking for information, its to hand.
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    You can simply attach the label and stick it in the post, just as for non-EU postal exports before brexit. It may not be the most efficient way, but it works. Electronic data submission is not mandatory unless you are using a scheme for which it is required.
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    If you are a business you should be able to easily open a business Click & Drop (C&D)account with Royal Mail. RM then will offer you the posting services/prices according to your annual posting volume. The filling of electronic CN22 is mandatory with quite a few countries, like USA, plus might be with the EU as well, which using the C&D is done while you are processing your payment and label for packages.
    To my understanding the main difference for ecommerce who ships to EU from the 1st of Jan 2021 is that the sales UK-to-EU are not distant sales any more but regarded as exports from UK point of view and as imports from EU point of view. That means the CN22 forms containing the declared goods value, the origin of the goods info, your UK EORI number and Commodity Codes for the goods are must-be data on the outside of the box/envelope, no matter if you are VAT registered or not.
    Your customers in EU who are receiving the goods will have to pay customs fee ( if applicable), duty fee ( no duty fee on goods originally produced in EU or UK ( UK now has to adhere to the EU goods standards to be able to bring the goods into EU. But for the goods originated from other countries outside the EU or UK, there might be some duty to pay in the EU customs), plus VAT assessed based on the CN22 attached.
    Generally, all mail entering EU which is over a threshold of £135 (150 Euros) must be assessed for a duty purpose. I think the LOW CONSIMENT Threshold ( which is different in each EU country) is not a case for UK shipments any more, but still valid among the EU countries.

    Please, feel free to correct me and together in the discussion we may get to the bottom of this issue. :0)
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    I've only started to get to terms with this, but I sold an item on ebay to an address in Co. Amtrim, NI and printed out the usual label and took it to the post office. It was below £150 sale price, so maybe that didn't trigger anything - but I didn't put any declaration on it, or even any value? What a mess.
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    No it isn't, unless you are referring only to click and drop.
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