Sending Multiple Parcels - Parcelhub Case Studies

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    As a provider of discounted parcel shipping services, via a range of UK and international carrier services, Parcelhub comes across a wide variety of brick-and-mortar, and eCommerce businesses, who are currently sending multiple parcels both locally, and to growing economies worldwide.

    Without case studies however, this is pretty meaningless to explain how Parcelhub can help your business reduce shipping costs when sending more than one item in one go.

    Bike Wear Direct in Nottingham (view case study here) found that mainstream carriers didn't provide the necessary support required for when sending loads of parcels in one go, on a regular basis. They found that the biggest challenge they were facing was that they needed someone to speak to, and build a relationship with, who could deal with missing or delayed shipments.

    With a mainstream carrier, this is hard to get unless you are sending thousands of parcels on a daily basis (mainstream carriers such as DHL, FedEx and Royal Mail do provide larger companies with dedicated account managers), however until 5 years ago, there was no courier service who provided this level of service to small and medium sized businesses.

    Lowplex Ltd (an online book seller in Leicester) felt that because the huge volumes of parcels they were sending required tracking, Parcelhub's innovative shipping software was one key reason which made them move to Parcelhub, as their software 'has so much functionality that saves us time from repetitive tasks. The IT department was able to integrate their software with ease with our back end system'.
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