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    Hi All,

    My name is Matthew Cuthbertson. I am writing this on behalf of a local Youth Football Team that I am currently the Non-Footballing Officer for, and also a coach for 2 of our youth teams.

    Selsey Rovers Football Club are a youth football team based in Luton and we currently have over 10 youth teams, serving over 170 children through the gates each week. We have our own premises on Selsey Drive, Luton (Hired from Putteridge School) which have 6 football pitches and allows us to provide all of our kids with the opportunity to train and play their matches on the same pitch. At Selsey Rovers, we like to feel that we can give our players a unique opportunity, all of our teams are led by FA Qualified Coaches, and we offer excellent potential for development into the professional game though our links with Brentford Football Club.

    At present, Selsey Rovers Football Club have football teams on both Saturday's and Sunday's, covering age group's from Under 7 through to Under 18.

    We are very proud of the achievements that the club has made both on and off the pitch. On the pitch, our Under 15’s recently won the Lower League Cup, and off the pitch, we have secured new playing facilities at Selsey Drive, which enables us to continue the development of our players whilst also allowing all of our teams to train and play on the same facilities each week.

    Like all clubs however, we rely heavily on funding to allow us to continue to offer an excellent standard of football coaching and to allow our players to continue to use the highest standard of equipment.

    We are looking to find Sponsor's for all of our the majority of our youth team's that will cover a period of 2 seasons. This sponsorship will allow us to continually provide an excellent quality service to our players, whilst also allowing us to kit them out with a brand new kit. In return for any Sponsorship, the chosen age group(s) will wear the company’s logo proudly on their club shirts and the company will also be listed as the team’s sponsor on our Website.

    I am sure that you will also be aware that, throughout the season, local teams are featured in the sports pages of local papers and of course, therefore the company logo would be seen on the kits of any pictures of Selsey Rovers games that may appear. Depending on funding, we can also purchase training tops for our players, and each of these tops would also include the company logo.

    Like all Football Club's, we are also looking for any advice that anybody can provide on how we can increase the revenue further at our Club. We have extremely high ambitions to continue to develop and grow, and become the Number 1 Youth Football Club in Luton. In the short term, we are in the process of installing new Fixed GoalPosts for all of our pitches at the ground and we are hoping in the short term to install a Canteen / Sitting Area at the ground to allow us to further increase our revenue streams.

    Any help of advice that you could provide me would be most welcome, and If this is of no interest or posted in the wrong place then I am sorry to have wasted your time.

    Kind Regards,
    Matthew Cuthbertson
    Non-Footballing Office
    Selsey Rovers Football Club
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