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    Morning All. I'm seeking some advice and hoping you may be able to shed a little light on my current situation. I am an artist based in Leeds and have gradually built up a fully functioning silkscreen print studio over the last decade and have developed a whole array of experimental print processes during this time which i feed into the prints i make and also some large scale artworks that i occasionally produce.

    The work is mostly highly detailed abstract / geometric style in its nature and seems to have very broad appeal. I have sold lots of work so far and when i do get a reasonable amount of traffic to the site i get conversions. There is enough background info on there about the process and story of why i chose to do all this that seems to draw people in, so i know what i i make isn't the problem. I really just need to up my game in terms of website visitors. This is the first time i have really had the opportunity and head space now my studio equipment set is all functioning to actually take some time to focus my energies on the business side of things.

    I am going to be updating the site shortly as i am starting work on some new limited editions so will get that out of the way before i can start on all this but just want to get a concrete plan ready now.

    I was wondering bar suggestions for social media posts - i do a bit of that already and it does occasionally generate business. If any of you have any ideas of what would be the best approach to attack this.. I think my ideal visitors would be businesses looking for artwork for their offices and interior designers / stylists looking for work for their projects and clients. I know there are agencies for artists who sell into business and also the gallery route and i have a gallery at the moment but they very little compared to me when i get the right people traffic, plus i get less returnwhen sold though a gallery so i'd really like to try and be self sufficient in an ideal world.

    I'm currently thinking that the best option i have available to me maybe pay per click ads via google / facebook or bing? i'd be really interested to hear any suggestions

    i can post up a few images below to illustrate what i do as well - if that helps

    Thanks in advance......
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    Very nice art work. It sounds like you want / need to target a niche market, can you approach relevant publications for these markets, interior design, architects etc. sounds like you have a good ‘story’ to tell which would make interesting reading, good PR

    The obvious suggestions are trade shows for the relevant groups not always cheap to attend but could generate the right leads for you.

    I would not rule out social media altogether, you may do it already but post on the progress for a particular art work you are doing making it interesting, will also encourage return visits to your sites

    Best of luck
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    Bless you thanks very much. I do enjoy the making of the work but not the marketing of it! i think that must be the burden for many artists around the world. i'm just glad the the studio is now fully operational and i don't have the hassle of building equipment any more. I presume you had a quick gander on the site?. Regards social media i do get a little bit of buying traffic from there but i really need to look at getting even more, i'm convinced that i'm going to have to go down the route of paying one of the search engines to boost visitor levels. its always unnerving spending cash doing an experiment like that but i'm going to have to bite the bullet and take the risk and evaluate things from there....... I may well have to start doing some very very limitied edition pieces at a higher bracket to cover the costs of it. Hopefully it might level things out a little. I appreciate your feedback though. All the best
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    It is interesting that you say you already get some business from social media - I would be inclined to delve into this some more since you are obviously doing something right? Maybe experiment with some low-budget campaigns to see if you can exploit this better?

    Regards to doing limited edition works at higher margin, my inclination would be to do the opposite and go for volume rather than margin? But, you know your business better than I do.

    As you will find with social media advertising and paid search that the biggest hurdle is finding a formula that works for your business. I always say it is worth losing a bit of money while you experiment with different ads and landing pages because when you find what works you can keep replicating it over and over.

    I think you will find the facebook will be a better solution over the long term if you build a following and keep promoting. Art isn't an impulse buy after all.

    Hope that helps?
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    May be worth hiring someone / a company to do marketing for you.

    I don't know the art side of things very much but at the Spring Fair in the NEC Birmingham there are often a number of artworks being displayed. By galleries, artists or whoever. Worth a look if you are in the area in almost 10 months.

    Some of the big gift companies may be open to discussing taking artwork occasionally though their stuff is perhaps low price and higher volume than some are keen on.
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    ALL your customers are on facebook - no more needs to be said
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    How do you know they are all on Facebook?
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    the single biggest collection of human beings on planet Earth is Facebook - 2.2Bn at the last count - ALL your customers are on Facebook - ask them!
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    They might not be looking for art though on there...I have a Facebook account but would not be looking on there...and I'm sure many other people won't be as well.
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    The biggest single collection of human beings may not be interested in art at all.
    Was under the impression that facebook was part of group called internet.

    Narrow down the criteria - you don't want to try marketing to 2.2 billion uninterested people when can market to 50 interested people.
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    I like art - I look in certain cafes, my local hospital, a certain small mall and local art shop.
    Plus Etsy.

    I don't look on facebook for it.
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    with respect - the reason you are here is because you want help/ideas??? Maybe YOU are not your target market and if you say no to everything then no amount of people's free time and ideas is going to help you - if you had an interesting Facebook Business Page + an equally appealing website your sales would increase and you could start to create a community of people/fans who like your stuff, buy your stuff, tell other people where to buy your stuff etc - hobbies is where facebook scores really well - but you sound like the sort of person who thinks they know best, so I wont say any more - good luck!
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    I can't see anywhere op has disagreed and shown they think they know best?

    You originally said all your customers are on Facebook. End of. But now you say they will need a website as well?
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    Instagram is perfect place to sell your artas this social media is visual.
    Good luck!
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    Good morning. Back at this now, just been tied up for a couple of days getting the films outputted for a couple of new print releases i'm getting ready and also trying to sort out some technical issues on a new laptop which i'm going to be using just for the marketing side of things so i don't have the constant distraction of the social media side of things on the main machine i use for creating all the artwork, a bit of separation will be helpful for internet saturated mind!....

    Facebook - i agree probably has a huge audience who would be receptive to my work. I will try and add a few examples onto this post so you can get an idea of what i produce. I did used to use it a few years ago before it all become monetized. i randomly added as many people as possible eve if i didn't have any connection with them and start from there. i did quite well with and sold to a good amount but found after a while i had gone as far as i could in terms of reach. Maybe it just wasn't my skill set and so gave up it eventually. However i know now if you pay to reach more people its possible to gain new audiences to may well give this a try. The other route i's considering is bing - i have £100 worth of free credits on there available if i sign up for that and then there is obviously google ads.

    The art world is a funny one. It covers the extremes from the Damien Hirst cow in formaldehyde type pieces to wall art and printmaking which is my area. Although my work is born out of a obsessive experimental approach in terms of the processes i use i wont be considering sawing in half the studio's resident staffordshire bull terrier and casting him in resin. Its work that people can understand and seems to have broad appeal. So i don't believe i have to go strictly down gallery route or anything like that move what i make which i see as a positive to be honest. A little bit of what i do goes out this way but if i can i'd be much happier doing this independently.

    I'll pop a few samples up below if i can work out how to do it today so you can see what i do at least.

    one final point i missed - instagram i do use every now and again - randomly tagging the images for a total scatter bomb approach and it does bring in some sales. its very random as i say but works!
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