Sellers beware... helps perpetuate fraud with their A-Z guarantee.

Discussion in 'Ecommerce Forum' started by zeone, May 13, 2009.

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    Yes thanks for the reply, well i spoke to trading standards who did mention taking him to a small claims court but they said that it may not be worth it due to the fact amazons T&C's that you signed up to make a claim more difficult. It may be worth it if you want to pay another £25, but the buyer could just ignore the small claims court, and yes its your word against his that there was a phone in the box. I think the courier tracked the weight all the way to his house but then he could say you could put a stone in it or something else ridiculous.
    Trading standards just said they will add my case to the record of the number people who experienced this type of fraud with amazon but it wont affect my case.

    If it was a straightforward sell to a stranger sale using direct banking seems you would have more rights under UK law though.

    I so far haven't heard back from action fraud , Three told me possible the police could track a phone by IMEI number , but i dont know if this is normally possible?

    If you guys thinking taking a small claims court claim is worth it in my case i may just go ahead with it, this is not one i like to give up, but i also dont want to waste alot more time and money going down that road if it isnt worth it.

    Amazon really were the worst, they didnt answer any questions, they didnt take anything i said into account, they didnt respond to my providing signature and all delivery tracking.
    Their line at the beginning was no proof of delivery, and beyond that they just sent emails saying no discussion will be entered into and our decision is final.
    I didn't get one email from them referring to my case in specifics.

    I cancelled my amazon prime, and wont be using them again and shall be making a Facebook page about this.
    If anyone else has similar cases maybe we should try publicize their inaction and the fact this loophole exists. I dont think they would care unless it starts to affect their business.
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  2. justintime

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    If you have the IMEI number, the least you should do is get it blocked, and ideally report the phone as stolen, which it has been whichever way you look at it.
    Posted: Jun 2, 2012 By: justintime Member since: Apr 12, 2009
  3. P4D | Parcels4Delivery

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    Just read this thread. Very interesting. Congratulations on your win!

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    Hi Everyone, here is a copy of recent correspondence that we have had with Amazon. All of the details of the case have been explained in copied email and I have also included a copy of their response. Please be very aware of dealing with Amazon and selling goods through their website. We have been left without funds and £400 mobile phone handset.

    1.Our email to them;

    Please fill in the following information:
    Date order placed: 23/02/2012
    Order Number: 203-9813150-8951530
    Please describe the issue:
    Hi there, We would like for someone to have a look at the circumstances of a case and how the case was handled by Amazon.
    The item was originally purchased on the 23/02/2012 which was more than 4 months ago. Item developed a fault last month and the customer returned it to us to have it looked at. We said that we will try to repair it and have even offered a replacement. The customer was not happy with the replacement and wanted a full refund.
    We contacted seller support on 04/07/2012 and told them of the particulars of this case, the fact that someone wants a full refund 4 months after using a very expensive handset, they told us that we dont have to refund the customer and as the item is under manufacturer warranty that he(customer) can send it back to the manufacturer. We have tried to help the customer by offering repair service, replacement handset but he just wanted a refund after using a product for 4 months.
    The buyer filed a claim on Monday 09/07/2012, 5 days after we were in touch with seller support and after we were instructed to tell the buyer that he is not entitled to a refund.
    There is a record of this conversation and advice relating to this particular case and it is logged on your system.
    As a result of the advice given to us by seller support and upon which we acted accordingly the A-Z gurantee claim was granted in favor of the buyer so he recieved a full refund and he also never returned the original item Blackberry 9900.
    We have been left without the goods and without the money. So in short, we have been advised by seller support on how to act in this case and we still after doing so lost out considerably for some reason. A number of times a call has been made to Amazon Seller support, they did not understand either how this situation developed in favour of the buyer and we were advised each time to contact you via email. Can you have someone look into handling of this case and get back to us.
    Below are some of the particulars of the whole case; 1. This item was originally purchased on the 23/02/2012 which was more than 4 months ago. 2. Item developed a fault last month and the customer returned it to us to have it looked at instead of sending it to the maufacturer for a warranty repair as it is outside of 3 month period. We said that we will try to repair it and have even offered a replacement. The customer was not happy with the replacement and wanted a full refund.
    3. We contacted seller support and told them of the particulars of this case, the fact that someone wants a full refund 4 months after using a very expensive handset, they told us that we don't have to refund the customer and as the item is under manufacturer warranty that he(customer) can send it back to the manufacturer.
    4. Customer recieved the item back via special delivey ref ZW730673628GB on the 09/07/2012.
    5. Customer is still in the posession of the original item(white blackberry bold 9900) 6. Also under your terms and conditions the Timeframe for Claims: You must wait 3 calendar days past the maximum estimated delivery date for an order (as indicated in the order details in 'Your Account') or 30 days from the order date, whichever is sooner. You can submit a claim up to 90 days after the order date. If you have received a materially different item, you must contact the seller within fourteen (14) days of receipt to request return information. Warranty Coverage: If your item becomes defective more than 30 days past the dispatch date and it is under warranty, you might also want to consider contacting the manufacturer for repair or replacement. 7. Item has been with the customer for more than 4 months. Please look at the particulars of this case again in more detail

    2. Their email to us;

    Greetings from

    As mentioned previously, we have reviewed the buyer's claim and the information you provided. We have determined that this A-to-z Guarantee claim will remain unchanged.

    We understand that you may not agree with this decision, but we will not be able to assist you further with this claim and there will be no further response to your e-mail messages regarding this transaction.

    Thank you for selling with

    Account Specialist
    A-to-z Guarantee Program
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  5. printerink

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    Don't take it personally. They way they treat everyone else is the same. Employees, tax authorities around the world, even shareholders so why would it be any different for sellers? It is one of life's great mysteries to me why any independent business would support this multi-national goliath by selling through it. They know who you are selling to. They know what you are selling, how much for and how well you are doing with it. If it looks lucrative enough, guess who'll be undercutting you sometime very soon. Lemmings.
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    CAEDAN UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Sounds like a generic response - probably automated. If yo look back through these posts to the OP response from amazon - it is a mirror of the respnse you have had - even signed 'Ruth'

    Look into how the OP handled the situation and go from there. I would report it stolen, as once the Police are involved, someone will HAVE to respond. These incidences are recorded, and if Amazon have too many, they will be forced to do something about it - the problem the police have with incidences such as this - is that the sellers never report to the police.

    The Police asked people to report incidences with Wonga recently, after the scam with peoples account details being added to pay back loans the scammers were getting. Police couldn't take action against Wonga, unless the victims involved them - so in effect, Wonga could ignore the situation until they were forced to change.

    Same thing with amazon - you are not alone! As amazon have become bigger, the scammers have moved over to them from other auction sites.
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    This thread is nearly a year old. OP has already resolved the issue.

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    I know this is an old thread (4 years old!) but this A-Z malarky is still active and Amazon are still letting buyers get away with it. It looks like it is never going to change.

    I sell books and often I will send a new book out only to get an A-Z or a refund request stating it is an old dirty used book (often happens with £50+ student textbooks) and Amazon always sides with the buyer, I sell a new £50 textbook and the customer sends me a £0.01 dirty used book back telling Amazon it is what they recieved from me. Not only the loss of £49.99 but I have to pay for their shipping costs too which are normally around £5.20 or higher.

    Amazon really do hold a monopoly when it comes to Used books and they are letting buyers exploit SME's.

    Funnily enough if you use their much advertised service where they charge you to warehouse your stock with them and then take a big cut of the sale, you can have all bad feedback removed and you always win A-Z's...
    Posted: Nov 8, 2013 By: Stuff Member since: Nov 1, 2012
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    This Ruth at Amazon sounds like a right *****
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  10. LancashireLad

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    I had exactly the same issue with the A to Z scheme. A buyer bought an item decided they didnt want it and opened an A to Z claim against me (which instantly meant my performance rating dropped).

    I rang customer services up about it and she said I needed to respond to the case to which I replied i will accept the return of the item if it had not been used and was in its original condition. Next thing I know Amazon awarded the buyer a total refund and he had not returned the item. When I contacted Amazon why they had done this they specified I had not replied to an email outlining a return address. Why would I provide a return address if the buyer had not specified if he had used the item or not.

    I rang the customer services team and told them why they had done this and all I got from them "was nothing they could do and once the decision was made and any appeal rejected they could do nothing about it". Basically they wern't going to do anything about it.

    I then contacted the buyer who told me they had got somoene in the Uk to buy the item for them and post it to them in Malta which they then used and then decided it was the wrong item. They said they were unwilling to return it due to the postage cost from there point. I was fuming and told them if they didn't return the item I would take legal action not against them but the person who had bought the item on there behalf.

    That seemed to do the trick, he said the item was good and would refund me the full amount that Amazon had given back to me.

    This A to Z scheme is a complete and utter joke and encourages fraud whenever someone is unhappy they can open a case. It has completely put me off from selling on Amazon.
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