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Discussion in 'Feedback & Help' started by SuffolkDesigns, Aug 1, 2005.

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  1. SuffolkDesigns

    SuffolkDesigns UKBF Old Timer Full Member - Verified Business

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    I am only quite a recent member here, but am seeing a rising number of posts from new members that are just advertising their product / services and then they never post again.

    Can I suggest that there should be a forum created for people to advertise services that don't fit into the UKBF offers forum, or that there should be a minimum number of posts made before a member can self promote.

    I know you try to run a reletively free forum, I just hate it when people register, advertise themselves then dissapear, not even answering questions on their original post.....
    Posted: Aug 1, 2005 By: SuffolkDesigns Member since: Jul 5, 2005
  2. Rob Holmes

    Rob Holmes UKBF Newcomer Full Member

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    Do you mean have a spam forum? :lol: I think thats called the deleted bin!

    Joking apart..

    The Press Release forum was added last week and theres a 10 post limit on it to prevent people spamming - as for people who signup , leave one post and disappear - the thing is you never know when they are coming back and they may not return for months then pop back for some useful info. I think thats part of the freedom of the forum - if someone does post 1 message and no responses are made it soon drops off the bottom of the first page so in effect it's self cleaning.

    That said - as the forums grow it'll be a more frequent occurance and Ozzy may decide to do something different..


    Posted: Aug 1, 2005 By: Rob Holmes Member since: Mar 23, 2005
  3. Ozzy

    Ozzy UKBF Founder Full Member - Verified Business

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    Basically Rob, you are right.
    What I found with this forum is that it is growing more and more into a communial networking group where most of the regulars are doing more and more business with each other outside of the forum postings.
    Those you "post'n'run" are losing out on that part and completely missing the whole point here. They wont gain from it and are just making themselves look rather silly, and wasting their own time. In essence these are the sort of people that might say "I tried forums and it didn't work for me", and are probably the same people who might say networking doesn't work.

    I don't feel its a big problem at the moment but if it becomes one we'll adjust the forum accordingly.
    Posted: Aug 1, 2005 By: Ozzy Member since: Feb 9, 2003
  4. epiphany

    epiphany UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    You get this on any forum in the world and there really is no way of stopping it happening it's just about managing it.
    Posted: Aug 1, 2005 By: epiphany Member since: May 15, 2005
  5. Whistle Ink

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    What I have also found is people are not willing to to take an interest in issues that do not involve them - polls go by with only a few votes. POsts go by without major input. There are SO many members on here, loads, tons but they are all inactive!

    I thought the whole point of the forum or any community is that everyone helps out where they can, gives there opinion where requested. It requires everyones input regularly - not one they want something!!!
    Posted: Aug 1, 2005 By: Whistle Ink Member since: May 7, 2005
  6. Ozzy

    Ozzy UKBF Founder Full Member - Verified Business

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    That is also the nature of the beast. I have been speaking withother forum owners and its the same everywhere, and as expected to be honest, you wont get everyone joining in. That is why membership is really a numbers game, the more members you get then ideally 10% are very active and build the community. I dont know what the percentage actually is, but I'm sure there is an average figure to work to.

    Its also not uncommon for people to only partake in threads that are of relevance to them. It does stand to reason as those would be the ones they can add most value to. For example, I would expect accountants to spend more time in the Finance section as they would ve more skilled to answer questions posted there.
    Posted: Aug 1, 2005 By: Ozzy Member since: Feb 9, 2003
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