Seeking a Document Assembly Tool

Discussion in 'IT & Internet' started by The Resolver, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. The Resolver

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    Can anyone give me a steer to a tool that will perform the following:-

    1. Enable the public to respond to a series of questions that then personalises a template I design and which is then available to the person to download

    2. The tool should not only add in personalised text at selected spaces but enable a series of segments of text to be selected for inclusion

    3. intelligent;y select segments according to how questions have been answered

    I have been trying out some tools such as Precisely but they don't quite fit the bill.
    Posted: Jan 14, 2020 By: The Resolver Member since: Mar 31, 2006
  2. Ecommerce-Help

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    How about the self hosted version of LimeSurvey?
    Posted: Jan 14, 2020 By: Ecommerce-Help Member since: Jan 7, 2020
  3. Mike Hayes

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    Google Forms?
    Posted: Jan 14, 2020 By: Mike Hayes Member since: Jan 7, 2016
  4. Richard Ben

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    yes, its easy and handy
    Posted: Jan 22, 2020 By: Richard Ben Member since: Jan 4, 2020