Sea freight from China to UK - Multiple suppliers different locations

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    Hello all,
    I am new with sea freight so I would appreciate some help and advice here. Apologise it might be a long post I just want to make things clear.

    I am opening an interior online store on Amazon and its website. I would like to get some products to ship from China to UK Amazon FBA Warehouses. I basically know the idea of how to do it like pallets, labeling, etc so this process I am not that worried about.

    I used to place small quantities of items and ship them via air from different suppliers. When I did that, I just contacted one air shipping agent in China, they would tell me their Chinese warehouse address. Then I contact different suppliers in China, placed the orders and told them to ship the products to the shipping agent warehouse. The shipping agents will take care of the rest for me including creating the invoices and customs documents etc. - No one ever asked me if the product suppliers have the right to export from China or anything like that, and customs clearance was simple.

    Now I started to send inquires about sea freight. I feel there are more restrictions. I need to purchase some tables, some home arts, bedding sets etc. I was told if I want to do that, I will have to ask each supplier to create their own commercial invoices, which will incur multiple customs clearance charges. Alternatively, I request one factory to serve as the exporter of record and to provide you with a single commercial invoice for all cargo.

    I haven't contacted any supplier yet, but will any of them make one single invoice for me to include the other products from other suppliers? If I don't want to rely on the suppliers. Will any shipping agent to do this for me? What is the best way to do this?

    Furthermore, can I purchase items from suppliers that they do not export? I mean, I found some beautiful home decors but the supplier had no experience selling overseas. I can ask them to change to English labels etc but will there be an issue when I buy them and ship them to the UK by sea? (If air freight I know it is ok as I have done it. But I am not sure about shipping by sea).

    Thank you very much for the time and advice in advance.

    Best Regards,
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    Hi Jenny, welcome to the forum.
    All you need is a agent.
    We can help you do that, by air or by sea is almost the same.
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    As has been said, I would suggest you get yourself an agent, to assist with the process. They can offer you rates for both air and sea, and you can compare for each shipment.

    They will likely be able to consolidate the cargo at their warehouse(s) in China (Depending on where your suppliers are, or advise you if it is viable to consolidate.

    Each supplier SHOULD supply an invoice for the cargo they've supplied (This should have always been happening, not sure why it hasn't), as if your goods are inspected by HMRC, this would be an issue.

    Hope this helps.
    Posted: Feb 26, 2021 By: Mike Foulds Member since: Mar 21, 2018
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    Thank you. Yes I will find an agent to do. I think at the moment I need to decide what exactly to buy and find out the shipping size. Thanks again
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    Hello Novevan, Could you send me a message ? I would need some help from agent.
    Thank you.
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    You can find an agent who owns a warehouse (better not far from port), then, you can simply ask all your suppliers to send the product to the warehouse, and consolidate them to a single shipment.
    There's no fundamental difference between air and sea shipments. I think you will get used to it quickly after a few shipments.
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  7. Larry Fong

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    There are many agents who have export right. Find an experience one and it should not be a big problem.
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    The supplier does not need the export qualification, and the freight forwarder will help you deal with these things. If you need an agent, I can help you.
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