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    I've had the idea for a while to set up a kind of network for Scottish businesses.

    Basically it would be a network of similar but non-competing businesses all based in Scotland that offer luxury or high end goods or services to the homes and interiors market.

    So we're a handmade Persian and Oriental rug company, there might be a hardwood flooring company, handmade furniture, bathrooms, kitchens, musical instruments (grand pianos), electronics, landscaping, windows, stained glass, ornaments etc.

    The companies wouldn't compete but would share similar client bases.

    I'd like people's thoughts on this before I push forward more.

    I'm not looking for fees from anyone, just companies to have a bit of input and provide an offer to customers of other companies on the network (our customers who maybe spend £3k on a rug have access to promotions or discount on X, Y and Z luxury products and vice versa), yet my previous experience is that business owners can't be bothered responding or putting in the effort.

    I think it's something that could work if I pushed hard and be mutually beneficial for a limited luxury market in Scotland but want others thoughts on this?

    I have a Luxury Living Scotland website in production but not really live but can't post up links yet.
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