Scooped! Teams Up With The Sun

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    Scooped! has teamed up with The Sun - to produce special edition spoof front pages for its army of readers.

    Britain's No1 company for personalised newspapers and magazines is now working with Britain and Ireland's best-selling newspaper to give YOU the chance to appear on the front page of a spoof Sun front page.

    In the Sun we invited readers to tell us, ahead of Father's Day, why their dad is The Best Dad in Scotland or The Best Dad in Ireland - with 20 winners each receiving a framed spoof Sun front page.

    Now, for a limited period, readers can buy a special edition Sun birthday, wedding or Father's Day front page from just £25 by visiting or

    The Sun has never before allowed an outside company to use its famous masthead but Scooped! is no ordinary company.

    Our loyal customers already know that, for the first time, they can buy a personalised newspaper or magazine front page gift that has been written and designed by real journalists with real experience of working in national newspapers.

    While Scooped! has previously only used fictional mastheads - The Scoop, The Daily Scoop, SCOOP! and ScoopStunners - we have now ensured that, for the first time ever, Sun readers can appear on the front page of their favourite paper.

    Scooped! director James McIvor - a former Sun chief sub-editor - said: "It is fantastic that our company has been asked to write and design spoof front pages for the country's best-selling newspaper.

    "To the best of my knowledge no other national paper has given their readers the opportunity to star on their front page so I am confident that the concept will be well received by readers.

    "We are giving away 20 framed Father's Day front pages this time but readers can also buy their very own Father's Day, birthday or wedding front page by visting or

    "Already there has been huge interest and I expect that to continue over the coming weeks.

    "Scooped! has been going from strength to strength over the last couple of months and this is another huge breakthrough for us."

    For further information contact James McIvor on ..
    (t) 0141 639 9918
    (m) 07803 017 027
    (e) [email protected]
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    Great stuff!!

    Well done :)
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    The Sun ran the story in 1989, in which it accused Liverpool fans of stealing from bodies caught in the crush at Hillsborough and of urinating on the dead, it caused a furore in the city.
    Sales of the Sun in the area dropped by almost 40% and some newsagents refused to sell the paper.
    In July 2004, the Sun printed a full-page apology describing its coverage of the disaster as "the most terrible mistake in its history", but it is estimated that the paper still sells 50,000 fewer copies of the paper as a result of Hillsborough.
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    Thanks, sm1.

    lesliedocherty - I was only 13 in 1989 but as part of my media ethics course at uni a few year later I studied The Sun's coverage of the Hillsborough disaster and I wouldn't even dream of trying to defend it, nor would I defend the other newspapers who also ran the 'story'.

    I understand perfectly why the people of Liverpool boycott the paper and why they were furious when Graeme Souness (while Liverpool manager) and later Wayne Rooney (while at Everton) agreed exclusive deals with the paper.

    As you say, The Sun acknowledge it was the "most terrible mistake in its history" but the editor at the time, Kelvin Mackenzie, still insists he did nothing wrong and blames the Tory MP and the police chief superintendent who, he claimed, peddled the lies. In my opinion his refusal to apologise, sincerely, is worse than the original crime.

    As I am sure you probably know, The Scottish Sun didn't run the story at all.

    The Sun remains the best-selling daily newspaper in Britain, The Scottish Sun is now the best-selling newspaper in Scotland and The Irish Sun is the best-selling tabloid in Ireland so despite its appalling mistake 19 years ago it must be doing something right.
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    Very well done! This is a real coup!
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    Thanks McKay Flooring - we've also just agreed a deal with The News of the World so look out for that;)
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    Terrific job. Sounds like your company's going places, and I wish you all the best for the future. You must have worked damn hard to achieve these results.

    Always nice to hear good news.


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    Funny I came across one of your 'newspaper pages' on a wall at a clients house lately (Northern Irelabd btw). It was very good, had the guy elected as the new PM or suchlike, but was very good quality.

    Well done, and good luck with it all.
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    Thanks, Paul (reggiemental) - I had to really keep at it to secure the contracts with News International but hopefully it will all be worth it.
    Things are going really well for us and it is now time to take the next big leap which is exciting and scary in equal measure. I'll keep you posted on how we get on!

    Thanks also to comspec - if you ever want to be elected PM, Named Boozer of the Year (or even Businessman of the Year) just give me a shout;)
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