Save Money On Your Shopping With Exclusive Voucher Codes!

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    Credit crunch, recession, inflation, job losses, rising energy bills and falling house prices - today’s news makes for gloomy reading!

    In the current economic climate we all need to look at ways of making our hard earned cash go further.

    C2B Software Solutions is pleased to announce some brighter news with the launch of their new discount voucher code website -

    Most people are familiar with the concept of cutting a discount voucher out from a magazine or newspaper and then taking it into the supermarket and getting a discount.

    Did you know that there are such things on the internet too? Well, there are. Unfortunately, these are scattered all over the web, some are mentioned in forums, blogs, and sometimes even on the retailers own website.

    Internet voucher codes are basically an alphanumeric combination of characters that can save you pounds off your shopping. An example might be ‘up to 50% off your online purchase.’ The code might look like SUMMER50. If you were to then enter this code during the checkout stage you would receive up to 50% discount!

    C2B Software Solutions has recently launched a new website which is a central repository of voucher codes, all conveniently categorised in order to save you time and money!

    The site, although only launched 2 weeks ago, already lists over 100 voucher codes from leading UK retailers. We have included a handy voucher submission panel so our users can help each other out and share any codes we don’t currently list.

    Our users can also add comments about how well a voucher code works, and if they don’t have time to do that they can simply rate it up or down with the click of a button!

    We currently list voucher codes for many of the UK’s major brands and with lots of new vouchers being added daily, it is worth checking back regularly!

    For all enquiries, please visit or contact MyUKVoucherCodes via email at [email protected]

    For further press information, please contact:

    Steve Barnes
    Managing Director
    C2B Software Solutions Ltd
    17 St Peters Place
    FY7 6EB
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    I don't know what it is... but i have a feeling I have seen a site design and content very similar to this somewhere?
    Cannot for the life of me think which site it is though....
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    Yes, think I know what you mean.....
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    Yep - I know the owner of the site it was copied from was talking about it. :eek:
    Posted: Jul 19, 2008 By: sm1 Member since: Oct 19, 2007
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    Phew, it is not just me then.
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    Did you know this website is a copy of another well known discount voucher site? :rolleyes:
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    First the Honey Monster, now this! It's like some kind of a remorseless copying machine...
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    Sorry I am thick! :rolleyes:
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    Lol - no one else wanted to say who purposely ;)
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