Save £332 a Year. PPL-Free Radio Stations for Your Business.

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    Royalty Free Music for Shops, Restaurants and Cafés
    No PRS or PPL Fees to Pay

    We stream royalty-free music straight to your shop for just £3.99 a month. As a business owner, this means you'll be saving over £332 a year at the very least. Larger premises can expect even greater savings from their music licensing bill. Feel free to visit Music 4 Retail to preview the service for yourself.

    How it Works
    When you sign up, you get access to four different internet radio stations which can be accessed via any internet browser. If you use Bluetooth speakers you can even tune in with your mobile phone and have the service play in the background - even when you're using other apps.

    - Four different genres to choose from (Pop, Jazz, Spa and Hip Hop)
    - No contracts or minimum term, cancel any time
    - Varied and interesting music from up-and-coming artists
    - New songs added every week
    - 24/7 playlists
    - Specialist stations for Christmas and Halloween


    Protection for your Business
    We run each and every song on our platform through PPL's database to ensure the complete safety and security of our clients. In addition to this, clients are able to download a printable certificate stating the rights of use for the music. This certificate will state the individual business name.

    About the Music

    Royalty-free music can often conjure up thoughts of cheesy-sounding music more suited for a lift then for a business. We're careful to ensure our service doesn't just play licence-free music, but plays music that actually sounds pleasing to the ear. The music itself comes from a variety of sources, including our own in-house music and songs from up-and-coming artists looking to get found through apps like Shazam.

    A White Label Service
    Unlike some other providers of royalty-free music, we don't include ads or voice overs in our streams. This means your customers will have no clue that you're using our service and you maintain full control of which messages your customers are receiving. You also eliminate the risk of a local radio station running an advert for your competitor.

    Try it Free
    Click here to visit our website and find out more, or click here to jump straight into the 7-day trial. There's no credit card required; you won't pay a penny unless you decide it's the perfect service for your business.

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