SagePay/opayo 3rd man alternatives

Discussion in 'Ecommerce Forum' started by CleanItGood, Dec 2, 2020.

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    We've been using opayo since it was (Protex) and have noticed more and more calls/mails from potential customers that they have had issues trying to pay. The support hasn't been great as we've been told it's probably an issue with the customers browser and they should try a different one.

    What we really like with sage is 3rd Man score. It has been invaluable for keeping our fraud rate low, we trialled a different payment provider a few years back and fraud rates jumped considerably.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for alternatives that you use and are working I can look into, that provide similar (better) functionality to 3rd Man?

    My focus really is on the anti-fraud abilities, rather then any potential cost savings.
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    That's a long time to stay loyal with one provider. You don't come across many businesses these days who remember the original company as Protx.

    It is a shame that Opayo haven't been helpful in resolving your issue. One thought is that it could be certain card BINs being blocked leading to an increase in failed transactions. Are you able to see the failure codes/reasons in their back-end systems?

    There are of course other providers who will offer advanced fraud screening and chargeback prevention/defence.
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    I too have been using them (on and off) since the Protx days. Its been a long standing practise with them to blame everyone else for their problem. To suggest customers use a different browser is amateurish. I believe the current problem is the "samesite" cookies are not properly set. Which causes issues with 3D secure in Chrome.

    Pay360/Capita have a similar anti-fraud system. I have not used it though.
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    Thanks, I'll look into them, we have 2 new sites in the pipeline for next year so it's a great chance to test a different system with a lot less turnover at reisk.

    They don't get that far, the customers get to the Sage payment page and are greeted with a blank page / error.
    Sage tech support looked into the specific cases, then wanted screenshots! from the customers, and then when I did manage to get one, said they should clear their cookies / try a different browser. Unfortunately our customers aren't that desperate to shop with us that they'll clear cookies and/or swap browsers.
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    We had the same issue and moved provider, the percentage of failed transactions did not shift, so we are back with Sagepay
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