Running A business around your current employment.

Discussion in 'Scotland' started by Shaun619, Nov 28, 2016.

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    Good evening all.
    I have been looking to start up a small business on the side for a long time. I am wondering has anyone here done this type of thing themselves? If so are you likely to run yourself into the ground?

    To give a bit of background I already work 45 hours plus in a week as a supervisor of a warehouse. The business I have rolling around my head is to get a hold of a mini digger buy an old pickup and trailer in the first instance and rent the digger out. Few things have to happen first. I need a small warehouse for storage and in an ideal world I need to source a business partner. I think having someone else on board is smart as two minds are better than one and although I have business and management knowledge I need someone who is good with invoices and stuff like that. My forty is managing day to day operations and working the long hours transporting the machine. ( I grew up on a farm I am used to working all the hours in the week.

    I'm looking for thoughts and advise. any is much appreciated. I am based in Angus Scotland.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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    Hi, I think the main problem you will have is transporting said digger around whilst working 45 hours? I hire a digger for £90 per day or £125 per week, I would say in order for this to be successful you would need to be hiring out 5 diggers a day/week....
    A much easier way to do this in the interim and pretty risk free is to cross hire, contact EVERY plant contractor within 10-15 miles of you and get the cheapest possible deal per day/week, you then advertise/market your product for a profit, ig you can get it for £90/£125 you sell it for £120/£175. this way you will build contacts and see if there is a big demand for it, you could also offer other plant materials this way aswell, if your successful and putting a lot of money into lets say keyline or jewson then you will become a priority for them, so when Bob the builder wants a digger like yesterday he won't be able to cause you will have them hired out, he will be forced to come to you, as a contractor there is nothing worse than calling up for a digger when you need one to be told tomorrow or day after when you need one now, once you are established and have a client base (write down everyones contact details) then you go to the bank, buy 2 diggers and other plant and go alone. hope that helps
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