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    • Only fully paid-up members can post in the Events section
    • All UKBF members will be able to read the Events section
    • Posts will appear immediately - there is no need for moderation
    • No one will be allowed to reply to event postings, all contact will have to be through private messaging
    • Any events posted outside the dedicated section will be removed and the poster will incur an infraction
    • Obvious repeat postings of the same event during the same period will result in removal and a strike for the poster
    • Event Invitations / advertisements are not allowed to be posted anywhere else on the Forums, any events posted elsewhere will be removed; any repeat offenders will incur an infraction
    NB: Repeat postings are defined as 'identical in nature to an existing event already posted on site.' If you have similar events, please make sure their titles and content are properly differentiated or consider combining them into one post.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.